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RE: Discussion: Track & Field News' 2012 World 1,500 Rankings: Kiplagat #1, Makhloufi #4, Centro #5, Manzano #9

rojo wrote:
Here is Makhloufi's season in the 1500:

2 3:34.53 Mohammed VI Rabat 27-May
1 3:33.26 Bislett Oslo 7-Jun
2 3:35.07 Folksam Sollentuna 5-Jul
5 3:30.80 Herc Monaco 20-Jul
1 3:34.08 OG London 7-Aug
1 3:32.58 Hanzekovic Zagreb 4-Sep
8 3:33.42 VD Bruxelles 7-Sep
You should note that the 1st in Bislett was for the 1500, when every big name was in the Bislett mile. I'm not sure who else was in Zagreb either. The three meets of any consequence to judge him by are Monaco (5th), Olympics (1st), and Bruxelles (8th). TFN is clearly downplaying the importance of the Olympic finish to some extent.
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