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Author: rojo
Subject: RE: Discussion: Track & Field News' 2012 World 1,500 Rankings: Kiplagat #1, Makhloufi #4, Centro #5, Manzano #9

I'll answer our own question. And I started with this event because it's an interesting one as it's unusual to see an event where the gold medallist is ranked #4 and the silver medallist is #9, but this was a weird event this year.

I hate when rankings just take Olympic finishes and what not, but I don't really see how they rank the gold medallist Makhloufi #4 behind Gebrremedhin at #3. That is clearly a mistake in my mind.

Gebremedhin's 2012 consisted of not much honestly.

On the yearly list of times, he was 9th fastest at 3:31.45. He was 6th at the Olympics. He won one race all year although he did get a world indoor bronze.

Here is his outdoor season:

7 3:33.38   Diamond Doha 11-May
3 3:31.45   FBKG Hengelo 27-May
6 3:35.72+   Pre Eugene OR 2-Jun
4 3:34.82+   Bislett Oslo 7-Jun
6 3:35.44   OG London 7-Aug
2 3:31.86   AthletissLausanne 23-Aug
1 3:34.80   Aviva Birmingham 26-Aug
2 3:32.10   VD Bruxelles 7-Sep

Compare that to the Olympic champ. Makhloufi was #7 on the year in terms of time, dominated the Olympics and picked up two other wins. So three wins versus one, including a dominant Olympic gold and a better time? What am I missing?

Here is Makhloufi's season in the 1500:

2 3:34.53   Mohammed VI Rabat 27-May
1 3:33.26   Bislett Oslo 7-Jun
2 3:35.07   Folksam Sollentuna 5-Jul
5 3:30.80   Herc Monaco 20-Jul
1 3:34.08   OG London 7-Aug
1 3:32.58   Hanzekovic Zagreb 4-Sep
8 3:33.42   VD Bruxelles 7-Sep

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