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RE: Chicago Sun Times Columnist: Favor Hamilton isn't alone - lots of female distance runners are total nut jobs as well!!

witness wrote:

It is true....I was at the meet. We all saw her run around the track and then just trot out of the stadium. Didn't realize what had actually happened for awhile. It was Indianapolis. 1986 I think.

Are you sure you were at the meet as she didn't "trot out of the stadium". I was at the finish line and when they went behind the hammer cage at the opposite side of the track she suddenly disappeared. About 15 minutes after the race, the announcer kept asking for Ormsby to report to her coach so there was a weird vibe in the air as spectators left the stadium (the 10K was the last event for that night). Witnesses near the hammer cage said she climbed the rail into the stands and then another taller fence by the soccer field before heading for the bridge a half mile away (the gate near the hammer cage was locked as the only open entrance was near top of the first curve). So she didn't just trot out of the stadium, she desperately climbed her way out.
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