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RE: Chicago Sun Times Columnist: Favor Hamilton isn't alone - lots of female distance runners are total nut jobs as well!!

LetsRun.com wrote:

The Chicago Sun-Time Rick Telander has written a column on SFH entiteld:

Suzy Favor Hamilton not alone, it seems, in going off track


B]Telander wrote:
How crazy were the UW runners? One told me how, because of anorexia and bulimia, she had not had her period in nine years. One ran until her bones started breaking. Stephanie Herbst, a national champion, won an NCAA 10,000-meter title race in Bloomington, Ind., in which another obsessed young woman, a deans-list pre-med student from North Carolina State who had set a U.S. collegiate record six weeks earlier, ran off the track in mid-race, climbed a seven-foot fence, sprinted down a city road and then flung herself off a 35-foot high bridge. The runner survived but was paralyzed for life.

Your thoughts?

Rick Telander totally lies!! The race was not in Bloomington but Indianpolis. Kathy Ormsby did not have to climb any fence. She just ran out the gate down the street a couple hundred meters and jumped off the bridge. Anybody in the stands could have seen her jump if they had been looking. If RT has to lie about these simple facts, one had to wonder how much else he is lying about?? What other facts did he decide to enhance to make a good story??? Makes one wonder.
Those are mine, now Your thoughts?
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