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Peace Out
RE: NYC Marathon Resolution

Witty wrote:

Peace Out wrote:

The majority of people get into NYC through the lottery. I got in through qualifying, but they tighened up the standards a lot and there is no way I will ever qualify again, so I'll take the deferral for 2013. My marathon weekend in NYC last month was FUBAR and I will look forward to a re-do even though I'm from Canada and my registration is $350.

This is simply false as the majority of NYC entrants do NOT get in via the lottery. You now can go back to sleep in your parents' basement.

I'm a 38 y.o. female and haven't lived in my parents basement since I was 17. I do stand corrected on the lottery entrants though; I always consider "guaranteed entry" to mean "qualified with fast time" but forgot about all the locals in NYC who have the 9+1 rule in their favour etc.
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