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johnny waterski
RE: So an undefeated collegiate woman who won an Olympic silver medal isn't the NCAA track AOY - a non Olympian is?

rojo wrote:

[quote]QTPi wrote:

to those saying duncan was the right choice:
what would a high jumper have to do to win the award?
i don't think it's right to give such a strong preference to athletes who compete in a variety of similar events...

That's what I was thinking at first but then I thought this is supposed to like the Heisman - and they have that same type of biases/intrigue.

A defensive player has never won the Heisman. I don't think a lineman has either.

It's hard for a lot of track fans to admit but all events aren't created equally. The 100/200 sprint - those are the QBs of our sport.

Acknowledging the differences in the events is one of the reason Letsrun is actually successful. So many track purists basically treat all events equally.

Charles Woodson won the Heisman in 1997
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