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RE: Sarah Baxter 2016 Olympics?

BetterThanYou42069 wrote:

I'm a really close and personal friend of Sarah's. She told me over dinner last night that she would love to run in the olympics someday but she doesn't know about because she's nervous about it. I told her that can overcome a lot of her fears (there were some fears in other things we did but that turned out fine ;) ) She will eventually be in the Olympics but not 2016.

She's very lucky in terms of age. She'll be 20 in 2016, 24 in 2020, 28 in 2024, 32 in 2028, etc. She could make MANY Olympic and world teams.

About the nervousness--she seems to be handling it very well, tell her to focus on small, doable short-term goals, and to develop other interests and skills so that if for some reason she suffers a setback in her running (illness, injury, loss of interest) it's not "the end of the world"...
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