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Another moron (or Kip himself). It's Litton who now has a lot of extra time on his hands now that he isn't cheating in races. As Jennifer Straughan, RD at Missoula, said in the article, "He flies all over the country, rents cars, plans in advance, has to figure out how many chip mats there are, how you deal with those. Think about how hard you have to work to notrun a race."

Indeed, our boy has time, plenty of it.

Today's my last day on this thread. Will share an exchange or two I had w/Kip.

On Aug 3, 2011 from me: 'And for the question vexing me since I first heard your name - why do you cheat? Why have you gone to so much time, trouble & expense to cheat - and in the process cheat yourself & the sport? I'm at a loss to know what's gained through cheating once, but multiple times when you've been caught and called on it is an enigma, a conundrum.'

Kip's response later that day: 'In the future looking back, I'm sure it will become obvious that any unusual circumstances were just a bried aberration in a long and productive racing and fund raising campaign.'

Dude's in denial.

Can I use your username now?
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