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haha yo (dont be an idiot)
RE: It ain't Noble to cheat
"By befreetoo Date 2010-04-29 9:16 PM
This is mainly meant for frequent marathoners. I have done 8 marathons in the last 8 months. Yes, it is a bit fatiguing, but the upside is that i have not done a long run in 8 months. Some 12 milers, but nothing more. The races themselves have sufficed for my long run. My results have not been linear, but I have improved a little bit over the period of time from about 2:58 to 2:52, with a best of 2:51. I feel fitter than ever (I am 48). Does anyone else train (or previously train) like this? What kind of results have you experienced? Has anyone run marathons a week or a day apart? If so, I'd like to know what you experienced in the second race. Hopefully this will spark an interesting discussion. Thanks." - http://www.runango.com/forums/topic_show.pl?pid=4980028;hl=#pid4980028

this was in April 2010. sure it's a bit fatiguing, but it's not if you're cheating!!!
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