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RE: It ain't Noble to cheat
The IP address log from that site would be interesting.

friend of a friend wrote:

Curiouser and curiouser.

Just starting to poke around in these posts. Interesting reading and possibly some insights into motivation . . . discussions of goals of winning marathons as a masters age runner, etc.

Shizzle's 07 Boston race report including mile splits (first 2 under 6:00), also hehateme [see below] congratulates shizzlehizzle on his good race:


I am not sure but the handle appears to have switched from shizzlehizzle to hehateme in 2007/2008, which would open up a whole new bunch of meat for the LRC wolves.

hehateme comes from tennis background:


there are several other clues in hehateme posts as well, which i don' have time to point out at the moment.

Note this thread, in which someone suggests that hehateme hit Wyoming first when shooting for 50 states under 3 hours and hehateme replies that it will be difficult to find good races in states wit few marathons (unless maybe you make up your own?).


Also hehateme asking about Sarasota marathon around the time KL ran it.


Asking about prize$/awards at BAA 5K:


Speculating about cheaters(!!!):


If shizzlehizzle is in fact hehateme, this little exchange is interesting, from a narcissism point of view:


- By HeHateMe [us] Date 2007-05-13 6:44 PM
Hey, I know a woman who is one of your patients! She said she didn't even know you were a runner until she saw the article in the paper. Btw, she said she was disappointed to find out that you were married.

Parent By shizzlehizzle [us] Date 2007-05-14 7:29 PM
Well, I really don't talk about it unless someone asks. What is her name? Let me guess... she's in her 60's and significantly overweight? Those types seem to fall for me hard!
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