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Author: $350 million taxpayer money
Subject: RE: Privately financed $1.1B 78,000 seat Farmers Field can bring Summer Olympic Games, IAAF WC, FIFA WC, plus NFL by 2016

You are all a bunch saps. The stadium is to be located on prime real estate in downtown LA and part of the Convention Center will have to be demolished then rebuilt adjacent the proposed stadium. That will cost an estimated $350 million paid by taxpayers. The stadium investors give vague promises to repay a fraction of the cost. And taxpayers are carrying the tab for all the necessary surrounding infrastructure. Also, government gets left holding the bag with LA colisseum which it owns. Events will assuredly migrate over to a new stadium and revenues from use fees will decline. It would probably be nothing more than an exclusive home stadium for USC. Meanwhile the private investors will reap all the profits of a new stadium because its is "100% privately owned".

Do you guys think? Do you just read an article and take it to be truth and nothing but the whole truth? If nothing else use some common sense and recognize that in that location of LA there is probably a building of value that you have to get out of the way before you build the stadium.

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