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RE: If That Wasn't The Greatest Marathon Ever Run, What Was
I don't know if there ever was a better "performance" - it's hard to compare different courses. It was certainly the best performance in New York, and probably one of the best ever run, though several others could make that claim with equal rights.

It was also a great race to watch. However, this was a long way off being "the greatest marathon in history": Moderate first half, with a group of 10 running together, and then one decisive surge to win by 1:22 minutes.

This year, London was much more exciting, just as Chicago was last year. As for the 2011 New York Marathon, I thought that the women's race had much more drama than the men's.

I don't mind advertising on LRC, in fact, I like the fact that the site remains quite minimalistic, and not inundated with so-called "shoe reviews" etc. However, the clear association with NYRR is getting a bit too much. There used to be disclaimers about affiliations - is it now time you put these under every single post on the topic?
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