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sad pants
RE: I lost the spark between me and running
i didn't grow up with any parks so i stayed in the streets even after parks were easy to find. we usually did the all day into the night skate sessions around town.

i'm toying with the idea of doing all day running outings like we always did with skating. maybe wake up and hit some trails, head back down town to run around some shaded neighborhoods and lakes, hit a pool and relax, end the day with a cruise through some outlying neighborhoods and hitting a bar. cab home. or head to another town and just see where we end up. it was always fun to be chilling after a session in some randumb town and chatting with the bums who lurked in the same back alleys we skated.

i have to get some good running partners for that, but i think it's be an awesome way to get a lot of miles in without having to worry about any kind of specific program once a week. just run like a kid.
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