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Author: 2434325
Subject: RE: I lost the spark between me and running


sad pants wrote:

i didn't get hot for running until i was siiiiiiick of skateboarding. skating was everything to me for years. it never got in the way of life, but it was the one "sport" i had a spark for. i always ran but it was an afterthought not my focus.

a while back i decided to train for a 1/2 marathon with some friends and i just lost the desire or interest for skating along the way. just kinda woke up one saturday and all i wanted to do was go run. didn't even think about skating.

people change and their passions often change with them. however, in your case i think you are just tired or maybe overtrained.

talk to your coach about it. maybe you can take a short break or back off your training for a while. when i was still dedicated to skating i would sometimes have to take a short break to remember why i cared about it.

anyway, i hope you can get it back or at least come to terms with losing it and find a new spark.

I used to skate too before running was my thing. Problem is, you can't just go run all day. I used to spend 6 or 8 hours a day at the skate park.

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