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Groundskeeper Willie
RE: Anyone ever made a comeback after something serious?

the cancer guy wrote:

I was diagnosed with cancer last year and have undergone a lot of chemo and a major surgery since then. I want to try to start to make a come back but my body just isn't quite what it was...in many ways. Has anyone had a serious set back like this and at least gotten back into it? I'm an old 15 flat 5k guy and if I "ran" three miles at 90% max heart rate right now I might break 45 minutes. And, that would nearly destroy me. I hardly feel like there's any point in my mid-30's to try and get back under 30 or 25 or 20 for 5k. I know it sounds insane to even my old self to call 15 minute pace running. But, I wish I could just go out and run. Forget racing and "training". I'd be happy for a jog. Just trying to see if I should officially black list letsrun on my router and pray I never see a jogger again.

Question? Where are you being treated? If not at a major cancer center, then get to one if you can. Second opinion!! You have to be your own advocate for your quality of life. Find a doc who will work with you on getting you back on your feet. A "regular" oncologist at some city hospital may not have the experience. If you get to a cancer hospital, they will be more interested in incorporating alternative therapies, which in your case may be getting in a few easy runs a week.
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