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RE: Anyone ever made a comeback after something serious?
I am a long-time competitive runner who did surgery and 6 months of chemo last year. Running was one of my best friends throughout the treament. I was determined to not let my cancer stop me from doing something that I really enjoy. I returned to runnning 10 days after my surgery, and ran/jogged 50 miles-per-week all through the chemo. The loss of red blood cells really slowed me down, but I am convinced that keeping up my exercise was one of the main reasons that I had a relatively easy time getting through chemo, both physically and psychologically. Because I maintained my fitness, I was able to return to normal (other than some slight, lingering neuropathy) surprisingly quickly. Nine months after the end of my chemo, I ran the Masters Track & Field World Championships.

I don't say this to brag or make myself out to be a hero. Not everybody is as motivated/compulsive as I am about training. Everyone reacts differently to the surgery and drugs, and there is nothing easy about being a cancer victim. But, I do want to give you some hope. It is possible to maintain some semblance of your pre-cancer exercise routine, which can have big benefits, both physically and psychologically. My suggestion is that you take the attitude, "I'm happy just to be out here doing this", start back as slowly as you need to, and build up as you body allows.
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