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RE: Rojo says he might start a Kip Litton thread but only 1 and only 1 thread

ActuallyThisIsTheWayItIs wrote:

We will give you perspective from people who actually KNOW Kip. We are a group who have known him from 7 to 34 years. We have gotten to know Kip and his family intimately through business, church, school, running and other social circles. Many of the previous posts here can not be proved either way, so we will only speak to our personal experience with Kip.

We all have friends who we really like, but who do stupid things, or who have obvious character flaws.

Because they are our friends, we overlook these things, and justify them - if only because it is easier than facing the uncomfortable truth that a friend of ours is flawed (and if our friends are flawed, what does it say about us?).

Loyalty is admirable, but do not undervalue what is going on here. Just because this is about running, something you obviously do not understand, does not make it any less of a barometer of this guy's true personality.

I can believe he is an engaging, pleasant fellow, but do not let that cloud the facts. Please do not hide your head in the sand.

We are not "out to get" Kip, we just want an honest accounting of what appears to be a long pattern of systemic cheating. This is not a game of golf among friends where someone kicks the ball to a better placement, or takes a mulligan, of "forgets" a stroke here and there - this is straight up cheating - cheating strangers, ignoring the most basic rules of the game, and then publicly drawing attention to these entirely fabricated results. If a friend of mine where doing this, I would be very concerned.
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