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Daniel Komen
RE: Tragic News: Sammy Wanjiru Is Dead
Very, very sad indeed that the great Sammy Wanjiru, the greatest marathon ever is nolonger with us! I was busy this past weekend and the whole of today and only managed to get online at 8:30pm. And the first web page of course was letsrun.com. What I saw on the front page almost stopped my heart! I lost all energy and was unable to do anything at all for half an hour except to stare at the computer screen! I loved Wanjiru, almost like my own brother. Even though I never met him personally, he was like my best buddy just like Paul Tergat. I guess it is because of my great love for the sport he dominated with an aggression of a wounded lion. Wanjiru like a lion was indeed fearless. Since his emergence into the international scene in 2004 until his last race, Chicago 2010 marathon, he left his fans satisfied and in anticipation of the next date the lion toes the line again! In him, we have learned that no competitor is unbeatable. The only thing we will never know of course is whether Wanjiru would have broken 2:02 in the marathon. For now, we salute you Mr. Wanjiru! You left untimely and we will never know why. Rest in peace brother! And hopefully we can continue where you left.
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