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RE: Earlier races
I've run the Crim eight times, and have always been fortunate to get in the elite corral - except for one year when I got into Flint late that morning, couldn't find a spot to park, and was racing to the starting line as the gun was going off. There were about 5,000 people in that race, and it took me about four minutes to get across the line. The start is wide, but the first mile has a lot of turns, and it's a SEA OF PEOPLE. I was crawling. You simply couldn't run any faster...there was no where to go unless you were shoving people out of the way. It finally opened up a bit, but not until mile four or so. Presuming he can get going at mile four or five, he has a ton of ground to make up. That would also mean Kip would have had to have been FLYING through what is universally regarded as the hardest part of the course.

Just when I think he can't suck any more as a person, someone uncovers something else that takes him one notch lower.
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