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RE: Earlier races
Those 10,000+ finishers include participants in the marathon, half-marathon, 5K and wheelchair and other events. It looks like 643 runners completed the 5k. If you look at the gun/chip time differentials of the top ten, tenth place has a 20-second gap. Everyone else is within one to two seconds except Kip in 6th with his 2:18 gap. You have to scroll down to runners in the 25:00 chip time range before you find other 2:00+ differentials. There's something I don't get about the results page, though, because it consistently says 643 finishers but the last set of results lists finish orders up to 1523. What am I missing?

Zapruder wrote:

This just looks all around goofy. Can a 19:15 really get you 6th place in a 5K with over 10000 finishers?

Assuming it can, how the hell could you run that fast while trying to pass thousand of people in a 5K.

Race detective wrote:

Here are some more back-of-the-pack starts with decent placements:

2) Detroit Free Press 5K (10/29/06)

2:18 start delay. 19:15. 6th of 10726 finishers. Masters winner. Start delay is more consistent with those finishing at 28 minutes and slower, not someone trying to win the masters division.

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