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RE: Rojo says he might start a Kip Litton thread but only 1 and only 1 thread

off course Oscar wrote:

If it makes you feel even better, my daughter and I were at the finish line waiting for a family friend to finish the Freep 1/2 marathon this year and the following happened:

Two males about 30 years old standing behind us heard Katy Perry on the speaker and one said to the other, "I LOVE Katy Perry" and the other said me too. Then my 10 year old daughter said "the guy doing the announcing is AWESOME!". True story. The guys started chuckling and said "you're right young lady, he is pretty awesome". She's 10 and without bragging is advanced in the world of scholastics, basically taking in info and retaining it. My point for saying that is if she thinks you're good, trust me, you're good.

Nice, w/a referral like that, I'll have to ask for a raise next year! Thanks. FWIW, I have no illusions how 'good' I may be. Am pleased I keep getting asked back each year in Detroit - since '83.
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