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RE: Rojo says he might start a Kip Litton thread but only 1 and only 1 thread

off course Oscar wrote:

Not that you were replying or agreeing with me Scott, but I concur that we are on the same page. He's in trouble and whatever he won will most likely be given back, trust me on that part of it. A whole can a worms has now been opened up and those who were cheated out of money have a case worth looking at. Wait for it everybody.

1:06 plus at the Crim 2 years in a row and then suddenly an annouced goal of a sub 60:00, ends up with a sub 57 and claims of a wrong turn. Why not DNF and avoid the confusion? It doesn't add up.

A 2:51 marathon at age 49 averaging around 6:27 pace. Second half marathon splits averaging 6:11 (1:22 half pace) but runs an open half in a sub 1:29 just over 4 months later in 6:44 pace.

How's this folks? He dropped 29 seconds "per mile" from one Gasparilla 15k to the next (09'-10'). He ran 54:05 in February of 2010. That is equal to something close to a sub 2:44 marathon and a 58:30 10 mile race.

If he did that 54:05 15k and marathons were his bread and butter, one would think he would have more than one sub 2:50 under his belt. So he's gotten more speed as he's aged but lost endurance? Yeah, that makes sense.

Sorry folks, but when you do this you lose all credibility and the burden of proof is now shifted on him, as in prove you did these races in full versus the race directors having to prove that he didn't.

Then you involve a charity and raising money for a cause.

Sorry, but I believe the RD's who have disqualified him and crazy splits that just don't add up.

How much $$$, if any, do you believe he wrongfully took? How much $$$, if any, can you PROVE he wrongfully took?
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