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RE: Rojo says he might start a Kip Litton thread but only 1 and only 1 thread

off course Oscar wrote:

Not being a jerk, but that's why I posted the Bayshore Marathon comment and yes, it's in Michigan.

No problem. just corrected that on blog.

race director pointed out that these oddities alone do NOT constitute strong evidence of cheating. for a slam dunk you need people who finished right behind him to say they've never seen the guy. if im ever a race director if i see some guy changing outfits and covering bib numbers im going to try and DQ the person, it's just inexcusable I dont know why people cover up their bib numbers all the time.

it reminds me of how when i competed in high school they made us tuck in our singlets. and for track relays (e.g. 4x8,4x4) we needed same color undershirt. things like that. at road races Kip can 1) start 4mins after everyone else and still be awards eligible 2) 2) run a low 250 marathon net time for a Boston Qualifier 3) strip jackets, pants, sometimes shoes, & put on a black longsleeve & walk across the line with no bib number showing. I'm guessing race photographers still find his pic(s) post-race even if no bib number is showing because they have a timeline based on the D-Tag info?
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