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Study of K.Litton Running
RE: Rojo says he might start a Kip Litton thread but only 1 and only 1 thread
Are you sure? just want to make sure you looked in the right spot of the photos for him in that 29:10 8K, because he crossed the finish line 35:15 after the gun went off, even though he was a 29:10 net. This race, as I understand it, was the day before the Shamrock half marathon, where he ran a 2:53 marathon, but he changed outfits. Here's the evidence of the outfit change:

Kip @ start of Shamrock Marathon VA - http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ik6d67YLaHY/TSgF7tZjYyI/AAAAAAAAADQ/yaCWW2WJ4Zk/s1600/KipSHAMROCKmarSTART.jpg

Kip @ Finish of Shamrock Marathon VA -

very even pace throughout:
7 miles in 45:53 is 6:33/mile
7miles to the Half in 40:01 for 6.109375 is 6:33/mile
Half to 18.1Mile in 32:44 for 4.990625 is 6:34/mile
18.1Mile to FINISH in 54:37 for 8.11875 is 6:44/mile
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