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RE: naked guys in locker rooms
This is an interesting viewpoint. I am a twentysomething and in college and in high school, the people who wore towels, of which I once was, were looked upon with contempt and disgust. I think the rationale was that those individuals had very small penises and were hiding them or else they were afraid of revealing their erections it was presumed they might be having (although I am not sure a towel would do much to hide an erection, that was the logic used by teenagers). Before long, I ditched the towel and found it didn't really bother me or anyone else. I personally am not offended by any person who goes without a towel nor do I scoff at those who carry one. It seems pretty irrelevant. I don't know what social norms are expected in a place like a locker room, but I either don't know them or I ignore them.

On an interesting side note, I went to a female friends apartment last night to spend some time there, and upon entering, I found one of them completely nude in her shower--natually--and one of her other roommates standing there combing her hair in the same bathroom with the door wide open. Being a gentleman, I chose not to stand there and gawk but I did see enough to figure out that neither girl appeared disconcerted or bothered by the one naked female. I guess this means girls, or at least these two, don't appear to have the same hangup guys do.

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