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RE: 1972 video of Debbie Heald
1972 was the first time that there was an Olympic women's 1,500. On Sept 4., Bragina ran a 4:06.5 World Record in her heat. On Sept 7th she ran 4:05.1 in her heat and then she ran 4:01.4 for a third World Record in the final on Sept. 9. Women's 1,500 running was coming of age!
After Francie failed to make the final, she came into the stands and sat with me. Naturally, she was upset. I explained that she was very young and that there would be other opportunities. I never dreamt that she would make four more Olympic Teams. In 1988, I saw Francie come 5th in the Olympic 10K. What a thrill!
After the 1964 Olympics, I moved into an apartment with Ron Larrieu and two other Igloi runners.
By the way, Ichikawa's documentary also shows Ron Clarke being followed by Gerry Lindgren and Bruce Kidd in the first lap of the 10K. I was one of Bruce's training mates for 5 years before that Olympics.
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