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Post Options
Name Default name for each new post on the forums.
E-Mail Default email address for each new post on the forums.
Hide Email > Show
> Hide
Controls whether or not your email address is shown to other users. Set to hidden if you want to take advantage of the Email Replies feature without giving out your email address. Not applicable if you don't enter an email address.
Link Default link URL for each new post on the forums.
Link Title Default link title for each new post on the forums.
Image URL Default image URL for each new post on the forums
Post Update > Update
> Don't Update
Determines whether or not you want to update your cookie every time you post. If set to update, each post you make will update the author, email, link, link name, and image fields in your cookie.
View Options
Show Images > Show
> Hide
Hides or shows images as appropriate. If images are hidden, a link will appear to the image instead.
Show New Flagging > Show
> Hide
Hides or shows new message flagging on thread listings.
Timezone Offset Enter an integer to change the time displayed on the message board, in hours. The current unadjusted server time is 3:02PM. For example, if you entered -1 in as the offset, the times displayed would be one hour earlier than the server time.
Index Style The style of index you'd like to view. The threaded table does not display properly under Netscape 4, due to incomplete CSS support.
Message Read Style The style of message reading. One at a time is the traditional BBS style, Entire Thread at Once is what is usually called 'flat mode'.
Thread Sorting Determines the order of the threads. 'Date Started' is the traditional mode, with the newest thread on top. 'Latest Post' is commonly referred to as 'Thread Bumping', where any post on the thread will move it to the top of the index.
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