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Are you PRO-biotics or ANTI-biotics? - basement dweller 9/11/2014 4:23AM5
what are our plans for ISIS? - krispy kremlin 9/11/2014 4:19AM5
Oscar P- Watching verdict in London. Judge clearly thinks he acted in self defense - inlondon 9/11/2014 3:22AM1
Is Usain Bolt one of the best sprinters of his generation? - Massive Head Wound Harry 9/11/2014 3:07AM32
Question about contacting coaches about recruitment - The Pineapple Sprinter 9/11/2014 12:38AM2
Genetics rules surpreme!! - Surprise Surprise 9/11/2014 12:19AM2
Swiss central banker talking about negative interest rates - it's that bad out there - krispy kremlin 9/10/2014 11:02PM14
Liu Xiang, man who once said "There is no girlfriend. No time," gets married to young tv star Ge Tian - 12.88 forever 9/10/2014 10:26PM8
Race Walking on Pure Hate? - Elite Racewalker 9/10/2014 10:16PM7
Congratulations LRCers: Thank you and I'm very proud of you - wejo 9/10/2014 10:02PM67
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones being sued for sexual assault in lawsuit. - don't ride em cowboy 9/10/2014 10:01PM15
19 min 5k to 17 min - veryfreshman 9/10/2014 9:44PM6
Am I upping my miles too quickly? - Victor Petrescu 9/10/2014 9:24PM3
Frank Shorter runs 2:04 half marathon - Ole Timer 9/10/2014 9:14PM41
Injury help - bb214141 9/10/2014 9:05PM3
Sick 3 Days Before Goal Race - Help! 9/10/2014 8:59PM2
Stress fracture advice - Naccles 9/10/2014 8:57PM3
Why has no one mentioned JANAY hit RAY twice? - xcbvxvbv 9/10/2014 8:55PM82
Fantastic video - Fantastic video 9/10/2014 8:54PM1
What happened to Gebremeskel? - funtimes 9/10/2014 8:52PM3
Floyd mayweather jr drops 10km runs at 3:45km pace - spotter 9/10/2014 8:49PM93
NRR: do you have friends in jail - not yet 9/10/2014 8:35PM13
Betsy Saina 30.46 on Road - YY 9/10/2014 8:28PM8
How to Return to Running - itstime 9/10/2014 8:18PM2
high hamstring tendinopathy vs. Piriformis syndrome: please disguish - KudzuRunner 9/10/2014 8:00PM40
Friendly reminder: Use the report a post function for objectionable posts1
Do you eat dairy? Should I be consuming dairy products? Omnivore responses only. - sucking on those teets? 9/10/2014 7:36PM29
hamstring tendinosis...does it ever go away? - chronic frustration 9/10/2014 7:27PM36
Best treatment for hamstring tendonitis (please) - yayas 9/10/2014 7:23PM12
Would Crappy XC and track schools accept a good runner with a bad gpa? - 65432123 9/10/2014 7:14PM16
7 World records ,please help Nolan Shaheed get in the 5th ave mile - joe135w@hotmail.com 9/10/2014 7:07PM11
Pre-race Anxiety advice - MiddieXCrunner 9/10/2014 6:49PM10
Kara Goucher runs with Strava - 152705 9/10/2014 5:58PM48
Best Middle and Long Distance coaches in the NCAA - Probably not rojo 9/10/2014 5:57PM14
Official TCS NYC Marathon Thread - world 9/10/2014 5:50PM6
Report: Ray Rice video sent to NFL - Jake69 9/10/2014 5:39PM6
Queen of Tennis again asserts her claim as G.O.A.T - lpd 9/10/2014 5:22PM32
BIG NEWS: the Little Rock Marathon will have Pirate Theme in 2015 - Jimmie 9/10/2014 4:59PM10
How Does a Garmin GPS Watch Calculate PRs? - outsiderunner 9/10/2014 4:57PM13
Flotrack Nets $8M Financing Deal - uphill run 9/10/2014 4:51PM50
predict times - violetpurple 9/10/2014 4:45PM4
Which of these is the hardest workout - Question Master 9/10/2014 3:47PM11
Ray Rice - terminated - Time fixer 9/10/2014 3:27PM77
Drug Testing At NXN (HS XC Team Championship) - the truth will imprison you 9/10/2014 3:12PM25
The WR Rabbit - "Mean" Gene 9/10/2014 2:56PM9
Dentsu gets media rights OUTSIDE of Europe/Africa - what does that mean for US viewers? - Rupperonis 9/10/2014 2:51PM3
Running for a Marathon -training and playlist guide - Fabienne Gordon 9/10/2014 2:43PM5
Did Teg officially retire? - the big tangawizi 9/10/2014 2:34PM10
Wilson Kipsang Joins NYC Marathon Field - rally_cry 9/10/2014 2:26PM2
Anyone here drive a BMW? Is it worth it? - Vroooooooom! 9/10/2014 1:28PM41
Alana Hadley DNF at Virginia Beach - watcheronetwo 9/10/2014 1:21PM42
Soleus GPS watch vs Garmin? - Shopper 9/10/2014 1:19PM7
How does long-term war affect the natural selection of humans? - natural selection is selecting 9/10/2014 1:17PM2
Martin Ricard was 8. Killed at Boston Marathon - Barry O'Bomber 9/10/2014 1:02PM4
Tempo runs on track - BulGoGi 9/10/2014 12:52PM8
Strict Parents.. - highschooler 9/10/2014 12:49PM4
iPhone 6... - Apple's Fan 9/10/2014 12:24PM60
evander hollyfields son football star - douglas burke 9/10/2014 12:15PM3
Vocal Cord Dysfunction in collegiate XC - HELP! - D2dedicated 9/10/2014 12:13PM3
Beta-alanine... - Krispay yum yum 9/10/2014 11:56AM5
doping and cycling - oldcurmudgeon 9/10/2014 11:35AM3
Carrying cell phone on runs - Addicter 9/10/2014 11:29AM57
Galen Rupp's 2014 Campaign was... (Insert word, thoughts...) - I'm not shannon fortune 9/10/2014 10:48AM26
Cropfit, better than crossfit? - veebrums 9/10/2014 10:37AM1
Sub 3 Marathon - Bob Nelson 9/10/2014 10:04AM15
When preparing resumes and cover letters, please take the time to write them properly! - reminder. 9/10/2014 9:58AM2
Melissa Hauschildt claims her massage therapist ripped her pectoral muscle off the bone caused DNF, likely? - dontliebroDONTdoit 9/10/2014 9:33AM9
Lopez Lomong Q and A - Horizon 9/10/2014 9:19AM7
Predict my 5k - Bruh17818181 9/10/2014 9:14AM3
Aisling Cuffe...Her chances of breaking the Footlocker Curse? - vika7 9/10/2014 9:03AM29
Mo Farah Breaks 60 in the Great North Run!!! Great race, Sprint finish between Mo and Kigen. - Blitzplay 9/10/2014 9:02AM68
Roger Goodell needs to resign immediately - stick with eharmony 9/10/2014 8:54AM21
Could one make an app that would turn his smartphone into a FAT timing system? - tru story 9/10/2014 8:51AM18
Employer Closes, Demands Former Employees Repay Tuition Benefits since they didn't complete time obligation - wascallywobert 9/10/2014 8:31AM6
Okuti Projects a Marathon WR at NYC 4:38 Mile PAce - Gill Kirk 9/10/2014 7:29AM4
The Apple Watch is sooooo cool! I can't wait!! - Al Swearengen 9/10/2014 7:07AM18

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