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Congrats Liv Westphal 19:45 - watch online espn3 - thank you 10/31/2014 9:28AM2
WELL THEN RITA - Willy's son McKipsang 10/31/2014 9:19AM3
Obscure 1970's Running Shoes--4 on Side - ObsureShoes 10/31/2014 9:16AM7
Anyone here an insurance adjuster? - I need a job 10/31/2014 9:04AM1
Long distance running mouse meets untimely demise - A very sad day... 10/31/2014 9:02AM2
Fastest 400m split/closing 400m in an elite marathon. - Dobby Is A Free Elf 10/31/2014 8:53AM8
I just ran a 8:00 mile my HR was 129, guess my PR MILE. - Letsseeit 10/31/2014 8:37AM20
how long for external hemorrrhoid to go away? - assisitchy 10/31/2014 8:24AM6
Kiprop gives his own version of events on Facebook - flent 10/31/2014 8:21AM29
Anyone Here Experienced Metatarsalgia? - Standing on a Golf Ball 10/31/2014 8:18AM10
Will Boston Marathon qualification standards get harder any time soon? - tallrunner67 10/31/2014 8:10AM5
Do you know any phenomenal HS runners who didn't want to run in college? - Whysocereal? 10/31/2014 8:05AM17
Rana Reider out as UK sprint coach due to unfortunate stuff say rumors - Sprinter Teaser 10/31/2014 7:19AM7
Can Grant Fisher run a 14:10? - 505 10/31/2014 7:07AM4
Is this a good base phase for 800m? - goinalltheway 10/31/2014 4:43AM27
Can anyone honestly recommend the movie "Fury"? - ryan foreman 10/31/2014 3:24AM53
Most Beautiful Running Family - ethiopianrunning 10/31/2014 2:22AM5
Do I have any chance of running a sub-3 marathon in 10 weeks time? - optimistic doubter 10/31/2014 12:28AM44
Run Disney Dopey Spots - jhrunning 10/31/2014 12:20AM4
Difference between Marfan's Syndrome and MASS Phenotype? - last minute self diagnosis 10/31/2014 12:08AM1
Any coaches here? - Split Boss 10/30/2014 11:59PM1
NRR: Official 2014 World Chess Championship Thread - Runsingcheck 10/30/2014 11:08PM3
Why are some people hellbent on insisting that anymore than 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight is unhealthy? - I am SICK of goons 10/30/2014 10:54PM1
LRC is confused in it's analysis of Nelson vs. Tamango - iowakidscanrun 10/30/2014 10:49PM4
Were any of you in the Boy Scouts? - azdfgdfg 10/30/2014 10:45PM55
Friendly reminder: Use the report a post function for objectionable posts1
Dallas Cowboys Best Team in the NFL? - wejo 10/30/2014 10:12PM141
RE: Arnold Pump and Run 2015 sign up nov1 - Max Hartraight 10/30/2014 10:05PM1
Men's Health magazine says that running 1.5 miles in 10 minutes is equivalent to benching 255 lbs?!? - is this even real? 10/30/2014 9:51PM43
What is the best freshwater fish that you have ever caught? - BillyJack 10/30/2014 9:44PM8
Will LMU win WXC WCC title over USF and BYU? - West Coast Conference Women 10/30/2014 9:37PM5
Is MSU's Walt Drenth That Good of A Coach? - Wondering 10/30/2014 9:30PM89
LeBron is opting out of last 2 year with Miami to become free agent - taking my talents to hell 10/30/2014 9:21PM51
What PED is Lebron James using this season? - another dude 10/30/2014 9:16PM11
If have a M.S. and an M.Ed. in gifted education, how difficult will it be to get a job teaching gifted students? - Mr. GATE 10/30/2014 9:16PM9
Bob Kennedy is back! Running NYC. Hoping to run... - wejo 10/30/2014 8:55PM89
Depressing Interview Kara Goucher " I know I can't win" - Quickly! 10/30/2014 8:48PM15
FSU is going down. - im an azzhole 10/30/2014 8:42PM3
Winter Marathon to PR? - options 10/30/2014 8:37PM9
Is it Bad for Med Students to do Cocaine?? - Kgpremed12 10/30/2014 8:33PM10
Patriot League XC 2014 - cody dome 10/30/2014 8:29PM77
How did everyone get so much faster after 2000? - jo mama 10/30/2014 8:05PM4
How Often Do You Wash Jeans? - Bring Back the 880 10/30/2014 8:03PM16
How should I handle this? - problema 10/30/2014 7:47PM1
Bob Kennedy Marathon Prediction Thread - good guesser 10/30/2014 7:39PM14
Who is funniest comic today? Dane Cook, Whoopi Goldberg or Kathy Griffin? - Sappy Salesman 10/30/2014 7:27PM14
WSJ: How American Meb Keflezighi Is Shaking Up the Marathon World - FFCT Runner 10/30/2014 6:43PM13
Does "Office Space" really represent what work is like? - Hasn't worked yet 10/30/2014 6:39PM20
I'm thinking of dropping out of grad school because the pace of learning is too slow. - gifted and talented 10/30/2014 6:38PM43
LEAKED..Daren Wilson will not be indicted - Holder? 10/30/2014 6:33PM24
Smart Watch Vs Garmin Forerunner - I need gear 10/30/2014 6:31PM9
How does Adams State do it? - ART 10/30/2014 6:14PM41
R.I.P Mayor Menino - Thomas 10/30/2014 6:12PM3
Suggestions for cheapishhh running tights? - Sloppy Joe 10/30/2014 6:08PM2
Interesting HS XC match-ups this weekend... - Spokanianite 10/30/2014 5:47PM2
Dave Torrence Training? - Big Wave David 10/30/2014 5:38PM1
Marathon time predict-o-matic - We Got Cactus 10/30/2014 5:30PM1
What do you prefer? Pepsi or Coke? - chrisper90 10/30/2014 5:06PM7
Sub 2:40 NYCM Runners: What's your plan? - NYCM! 10/30/2014 5:02PM4
bone callus? - nervousrunning 10/30/2014 4:45PM1
bone callus? - runningbare 10/30/2014 4:40PM1
Predict 5k - Sjej 10/30/2014 4:36PM8
If you have one and only one athletically gifted parent, is their gender relevant to the benefits you get? - Mexican Vanilla 10/30/2014 4:23PM1
Sub-4-minute pace in high heels? - MVrunner 10/30/2014 4:10PM3
Garmin Forerunner 4 Sale - tooold 10/30/2014 4:01PM1
DIII Eligability - Scooter McDIII 10/30/2014 3:59PM9
Great Mexican Distance Runners - What Happened - 2708 10/30/2014 3:40PM21
another HADD question - hadd trainer 10/30/2014 3:30PM8
Saints vs Panthers tonight - McSue 10/30/2014 3:13PM2
2014 sub 26 8k - reed 10/30/2014 3:03PM153
Runners that don't/can't eat much. How are you handling the training? - aerobic outhouse 10/30/2014 2:47PM34
Is it possible for an IT band injury to persist for 5+ months? - Hermione Granger 10/30/2014 2:42PM21
UF Vs UGA: Who U Got? - Gator Fan 10/30/2014 2:41PM3
Gas is $2.75 a gallon in Ohio... - Flagpole 10/30/2014 2:33PM24
How can Oregon do this! - jmoyala 10/30/2014 2:23PM7
Atlantic 10 Predictions - DiqNHand 10/30/2014 1:59PM43

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