Fastest post heart transplant 5k help 7/21/2013 11:44AM Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
I had a heart transplant in October of last year and have started to run and cross train almost since I left the hospital. I am having a tough time trying to locate any running records other than at the marathon distance to gauge where my 5k times rank among heart transplant recipients . I know the world record for the marathon is held my Ernesto Antonio at 3:45 in the 2008 Dublin marathon but other than that distance I can't find anything. I know Ernesto's goal is to break 45 minutes for 10k which would extrapolate to the 5k distance faster than my 22:03 pr post transplant but Ernesto hasn't run that time yet. I can't even find anyone to race against. Call this the beginning, the middle and the end of my bucket list. At about 9 months post transplant I could wake up any morning and be in rejection. Not that I am expecting that but living with a transplanted heart is a crap shoot. I can do everything right (as medicine knows it) and my new heart can decide things just are not working out. Thank God for working out because that has been a huge stress reliever. If anyone knows about someone that has had a heart transplant and is trying to compete again let me know. Thanks and think about becoming a organ donor. The guy that saved my life probably saved at least 3 other people's lives.