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Winter season: XC vs INDOOR 2/10/2013 7:22PM Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
So for distance runners 800m and upwards...which will be the most beneficial winter season to go for to prepare for a great outdoor track season? Or fast summer 5k/10k road times?

Okay, okay I know you guys in the US squeeze in your 3 seasons, but here in the UK if you want to go hard at one of these options for a season it's a choice between one and the other. XC doesn't really kick of until October but most of the big/championship races, eg. National, Intercounties, World XC come towards the tail end of the season in late February/March by which indoors is also in full swing and by April you will have your outdoor track starting.

Obviously indoor is not quite as long distance but you get Mo racing the 3000m and 2miles whilst being predominantly a 5000/10000 man, so developing that speed and anaerobic engine. On the other hand the 6km and longer xc builds your endurance, but on UK courses you're really not getting good speed. Ran 2 races this year, both resembled tough mudder but without the obstacles and loads of scantily clad thin people instead of crossfitters. There were sub30min 10km people literally jogging.

So what do you guys think? More beneficial season if had to pick one?
you dont have to pick
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Do both.
A few xc races, and a few indoor races.
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Indoors. It is much more similar to track and you learn how to race. Cross country is cool but the race experience you get from it does not help much on the track. As far as training goes whether you run xc or indoors it should not be very different. The only real difference is maybe practicing more on xc terrain. You can do both and mix it up but indoor track will help you more for outdoors.