usatf officials
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apparently anyone can become a usatf official. just have to pass take home test, send photo id in, and register with usatf and you can be sent all over USA to referee in meets. also, ncaa meets are usatf officiated. wow! i signed up today.
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That is probably true.....but just remember that all jobs are not the same. Some schools pay great and others do not. It is best to work locally. I think some high school meets also pay well. But you do not get sent all have to pay your own way. And you have to work within your association for awhile and then work different kinds of meets, masters, youth, race walking etc to be able to work the big meets. But if you are a good official, you do get to go all over. I work at the collegiate level and it is a blast to work the conference meets or nationals.

That reminds me, I gotta do my officials test......