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Lance compared his doping program with the one of East German during the 70's and 80's and called his program inferior to the German program.

I would disagree.

The East Germans had spectacular results in (female) sprints, mostly due to the fact that they had no hesitation to drug up the women with male hormones. I mean, look at Marita Koch. And while we're at it, her record is likely to stay for a very, very long time.

But on the long distance side, what do we have there? Waldemar Cierpinski ran 2:09:55 as his PR, the (East) German record holder is Joerg Peter with a 2:08:47. So we're really talking here about 2:09's and 2:10's. That was great during the times when they ran it, but not nearly as spectacular as Lance Armstrong during his 7 TdF victories.

So to me, the most advanced doping program ever for LONG DISTANCE was the USPS/Discovery program.
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They didn't have EPO. Blood bags and steroids only get you so far in distance events, although enough for a few gold medals. Plus the women's longest event was at first only 1500, then 3000 meters at their peak, and women's events were where they could make the biggest inroads with steroids.

East Germany in their era were what Lance was in his, the scrappy but canny fighter against adversity. RW used to have articles extolling their "scientific" approach and their "David v. Goliath" results against the Soviets and the rest of the world. Fairy Tales are best kept in Disney films.
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I will be upfront and state I don't know how elaborate the East German doping was. My guess is that they did most of all their doping while in their home country, leaving little sneaking around while out internationally.

Lance and his team had very elaborate processes to dope continually during the Tour De France. Including jet flights to other countries to blood dope, motorcycle drug carrier following the race stages, hidden drugs on team bus, etc. I think the levels that they had to sneak around to make it work while competing day in and day out at the Tour De France is what made that operation the most sophisticated cheating protocol seen at a given event.

I would categorize what the East Germans did was the most in-depth, state-run doping program. Lance and his teammates pulled off the most in-depth and elaborate doping protocol during an event. This is why they had the best chance of winning and creating an unlevel playing field. It also helped that they only focused on the Tour De France, rather than many of the other major races throughout the year, including the other 2 major 3 week long tour races, which many of the other top teams/riders were also focused on.