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During a workout what are your guys experience on jogging for a min or 2 after each rep or completely resting for a min or 2? What's best? Personally I believe that jogging recovery is a lot harder and benifits you more
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If you want to increase the aerobic contribution to the workout, a jog recovery is best. By jogging instead of standing around, you are not letting your anaerobic system properly recover before the next interval. You will notice, on a workout like 400m repeats that if you jog say, 200m recovery between reps, your reps will be a bit slower, despite you putting forth the same effort. This is because your anaerobic system is not helping you as much as it would be if you were standing around inbetween intervals.

This said, there is also benefit to standing recovery when it comes to increasing muscular capability. If you are doing mile repeats or faster, it would serve you better to take some standing recovery so you are able to reproduce the appropriate pace on subsequent reps.
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I think it depends on what event you're training for, but I favor the principle of running the work interval harder and recovering more thoroughly.
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It depends on the workout.

Reps that are slower should have jogging recoveries.
For example, if your tempo pace is 6:00/ mile and you do 5 x mile at 6:00 with 1 minute recoveries, you should be jogging.

It doesn't really matter too much though, I was thinking about this last night and if you're taking a scientific approach to your training, standing recoveries are much easier to control. Too much variability in the jogging recovery. Did you stand around doubled over for a minute before beginning your jog recovery? How fast was your jog recovery each time?
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for a 400 meter workout I wouldnt stop, it was continuous and it sucked haha ran a 12x400 at about 70 second average wit a 200 meter jog in between each that was a little over a minute so probably 8:30 or lesser pace jog