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Citizen Runner wrote:
I thought I'd seen odds of getting in via the lottery that suggested they were about 1 in 3 with about 90,000 people entering via the lottery and I don't know how to reconcile that with the information above.

I'd seen the 1 in 3 figure before, but I've seen 1 in 10 given more recently, which seems to coincide better with the numbers above.

More spots will open up for the lottery in the coming years, but I'm sure more people will be applying to it as well and I can't say which will be greater.
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Yet another ill-informed post. Why do you post this stuff? NYRR has no interest in growing the lottery (growing the number of dopes who drop their $11 so they can be rejected a few months later, yes). The money is in charity numbers and numbers sold to the foreign tour package groups. That's where the growth will be.
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