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Hello. I'll kick off the thread by posting the results of the Gate River Run:

Masters Men
1 Viacheslav Shabunin, 43, New York, NY 47:21 2 Vladimir Tontchinski, 44, Jackson, NJ 48:09
3 Malcolm Campbell, 41, Atlanta, GA 48:16

Masters Women
1 Averkova Anzhelika, 42, Jackson, NJ 54:59
2 Fira Sultanova-Zhdanova, 50, Gainesville, FL 59:16
3 Sue O'Malley, 51, Port Orange, FL 1:01:50

The performamces of the Russian master runners is certainly impressive, and I hadn't realized that Shabunin had relocated to the US. He still holds the Russian record for the mile at 3:49.83 and 3000m at 7:39.24.

I didn't quite get up to his speed in my week's running, even in my track workout, which we were able to do outside in shorts for the first time this year (although it was windy and a little chilly). We did a mix of 800s and 1000s, which for me were around 2:40 and 3:23, respectively. Not hitting on all cylinders, but I shouldn't be with no serious races in the near future. Otherwise, my miles will end up at around 52 after an easy 10 today. I did 10 on Friday with the first 5 at around a 6:40 pace and the last 5 at a 6:20 average pace, so I should be able to run a decent half next Sunday in New York.

Last, but not least, good luck to everyone running next weekend in Bloomington. I'll try again in August for Lisle, IL.

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wow, those are some remarkable 15k times.

good week in my training, 82 miles incl. hill repeats tuesday and 23 miles saturday with 2 X 5k on track (from mile 6 to 9 in 18:13 and mile 18 to 21 in 18:35--was aiming for 18:20 on each, but couldn't get rolling any faster on the later one).

I stopped for a few mins. before cooldown jog home to watch a high school baseball game. Low 40's and very windy = Moms in the crowd wrapped in blankets, players looking uncomfortable. Reminded me of playing HS baseball and later coaching kids' teams in the DC area. We need a few more years of climate change before we can be a baseball hotbed I'm afraid, at least early in the season.

have a great week,

northwest master
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Shabunin ran the Rock and Roll half marathon last year in Seattle in 1:05! The young kids had no idea who he was. Several Masters (40's) have arrived on the scene and will run some incredible marks. Exciting stuff.

Chomping-at-the-bit to watch my UK team play in a few minutes. Vandy scares me though.

72 miles on six days. Feeling healthy and strong again - which is really my goal at this time in my life.

Mon - 2x (800, 600, 400, 200) 1st set 3k effort/2nd set mile effort. It went extremely well.

Thur - 10 mile progression (6:20 - 5:20)

Go Cats!!
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Morning Masters,

A good week for me capped off by an indoor triathlon relay with my son and daughter. We won the relay event overall which was very exciting. I rode the bike.

Running wise, I ran two steady runs this week all injury free. Neither was enough to brag about but at least I go them in.

And I wish they would drug test the Russian Masters runners....just saying......
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Very good times indeed!

A very good week here, day 71 now in the books. Really feeling strong and the weight is starting to drop now. Highlights were some 1000's and 400's Tuesday night and a session of 4 x 300, 4 x 200, and 1 x 400 this morning which went well. A long, long way to go but I like the progress.

Off to Detroit/Chicago/Indy this week, no chance to stop by Bloomington - good success to everyone racing!

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some fast masters times in the 5k at ben brown last night--ken ernst crushed the 50-54 national age group record by 7 seconds, running 15:34, while teammate jeff ambos came close to the former record with a 15:45. host cal state fullerton even gives ken props on their website as the meet hightlight--pretty cool they acknowledge the old guys:

for my part i registered two dnfs. after an 11 hour day at a track meet, i had only planned to pace a former athlete currently at orange coast junior college thru 8-10 laps of 69s. we managed a 4:36 through 4 laps, but first 3 were in lanes 2-3, then 9:16 through 3200 before i peeled off; i was beat. came back about an hour later and planned on helping ken if he needed it, but he had a good pack to run with, so i paced a few other compex teammates through 10:05, took ambos through 12 laps, and dropped out since we had worked our way up to a pack that i figured would carry him the rest of the way. a good workout for me overall--anxious and excited at the prospect of running a 1500 this friday at occidental college...
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Ran my first race today since 5 August. 8K in 29:46, right on a 6:00 pace. 3 years ago I did this race at a 5:39 pace, so certainly well off that. But considering the time I took off all fall and being about 10-12 lbs heavier than 2009, I'll definitely take it.

It also felt a little foreign, not having raced in 7 months. You forget how much it hurts!
Old Man by the Sea
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Ran twice this week. Drove a lot for work. Too much. Goal is to run more. Drive less.
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OMBTS, that's an elegant summary. I had the same problem, but with a keyboard instead of a steering wheel.

Just too busy to run doubles, or at all some days. Down to 50mpw when it needs to be 75, and my weight is creeping up when it should be heading down. On the other hand I got 3 sessions in, actually made it to a track for the first time in six months, and avoided injuring myself in the process..
Tue: 10x (90sec hill, fast jog down)
Thu: drills, hurdles, 10x200 (last 5 in spikes), eased from 38 down to 31.
Sat: 5mi tempo in 28:30. Sun out, in shorts- glorious!

Two weeks until British Masters XC so hoping for a hard week's training...
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I just got home from the Bay Area Sr. Games at Stanford Univ. Since my first event was at 8:30 a.m. and I had a 2.5 hour drive, we met our carpool at 5:00 a.m. My HS kids participated in a big all-day invitational yesterday so I had dead legs from being up and down, warming up kids, etc. Plus I woke up this morning with the beginning of a head cold...such fun. So anyway....off we went to run. The weather cooperated for the most part. The early morning events had a mixture of clouds and sun with little wind, and I ran my first event (50m) in a very quick time, so I was pleased. Then the wind started to pick up and clouds were gathering so conditions for my 100m were less than stellar. We had a headwind and my cold was intensifying. So all things considered, I was glad to run that race just to finish it. I saw Mike F. there and he ran a very strong 800m (and I screamed at him to kick it in). I must have been in the restroom during his 1500--I unfortunately missed it. Now the clouds are quite thick and it feels like rain. Time for some soup, a hot bath, and some Nyquil. Hope everyone has a great week ahead!
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Am late to the party as I was hangin' down at Stanford with my new best friend, Spikez (who absolutely devastated the field...yow!!)

Ran first ever 800 in 16 years (3rd place)and came back to score bronze again in 1500 meters...as this served as California State Champs, qualified (barely) for National Seniors Games. Cleveland(the heart of rock & roll?)2013.

Hoping to see some of you at San Francisco State Univ in two weeks for our masters mile at the Johnny Mathis invite.

train don't strain,
muddy girl
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Congrats MF and Spikez! While she is amazing at running fast, isn't she just awesome at cheering, too?

Christian, can wait to see what you run next weekend and skinnbones, good to see you working at it (and yeah, I agree on the drug testing).

Sounds like fun (sort of).

I ran 60ish miles (I think - basically about 70 minutes or more each day). I did drills in bare feet on Tuesday, followed by a medium run and did 10 x 1 min. on Friday. I wasn't as slow as I feared, but I don't know how long I can hold that pace. There's a race this weekend that I'm supposed to run, but I am less than 50% sure I will.

Two muddy trail runs this weekend. I'm getting fitter, I think and am thinner by a little bit (not nearly enough, though).

Have a great week everyone!
Mr. Ed
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Congrats to all the racers, especially my buddy and sometimes training partner Malcolm for third at Gate River. As for me the crud that was trying to get me last Sunday never fully did, but I never felt right all week. Managed 51 miles with a day off. Did 3 x k on trails due to a track meet at the school near my house (no time to drive to another track) and surprised myself by averaging 3:07. The second workout did not go so well. Did 3 x 1200 and averaged 3:50 feeling tired and flat all the way. Changed into spikes and did 3 x 400 and hit 72, 70, 69. Ugh. Need to taper, rest and get healthy 100% before indoors in IN.
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Nice, job, MF and Spikez. I hope to be at SFSU for the mile in two weeks but first have to get through next weekend in Bloomington. Still having issues with tight calves. I should have one good race but will have to wait until the following morning to see how my calves hold up.

Cut back to 40 miles this week with 2 pretty good workouts: 3 sets of 3x300 at goal mile pace on Tuesday; 800 at mile pace, then 6x 200 at 800 pace on Friday.

See some of you next weekend.