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RE: Simon Bairu sub-2:11 in Houston? 1/18/2012 6:21PM - in reply to Canada Coach Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
I read in one of his post race interviews that he said he is not yet good enough to run 5 minute miles by himself at the end! If he knew this why did he go out at the pace he did, and does anyone else thing that maybe always training in a group hurt him here? I mean the guy was calling out the national record before he ever ran a marathon, now he can't run 5 min miles alone? It is such a disappointment that he isn't a marathoner, but I really don't think he is! His 10k pr is 49 seconds better than that of Wykes' for example! You go up to the half marathon and they are virtually equals, you move up to the full and Wykes has finished 5 respectable marathons including a whorl championship and a victory las year at CIM! I think he should stick with the 10k
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RE: Simon Bairu sub-2:11 in Houston? 1/19/2012 4:24AM - in reply to Cancantu Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
1. I'm a huge Bairu fan, and was surprised with the way things happened on Sunday.
1.1. Huge respect for gutting out the closing miles. He went from running ~4:55s to running slower than 7-minute miles. Anyone who has blown up in the marathon understands what a death march that is. Would have been very easy for him to step off the course once the wheels fell off, and he didn't.
2. The good news is that his marathon training will serve him very well as he looks for redemption in just crushing the 10,000 this year. He can certainly go 27:0x and there's no reason 26:5x couldn't be in the cards.
3. Who knows - maybe he'll find space for a half marathon, a distance where he could reasonably be expected to take the Canadian record.
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