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Ok, does anyone have any evidence that this works? A mix of herbal stuff that is supposed to help you out?
citation needed
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Well, it looks like their major active ingredients are "adaptogens", inosine, and whey protein.

"Adaptogen" can mean pretty much anything an herbalist wants it to, so I can't speculate on those, could be useful, could be useless.

As far as inosine, here's the only studies I could find with a cursory pubmed search, which basically found no benefit.

Those 3 studies only had 25 subjects between them, so not necessarily conclusive, but not a good sign if you're looking to spend $40 a bottle on that stuff. The fact that their ad claims inosine is beneficial with the existing evidence to the contrary isn't a good sign either. ("Inosine appears to work by making ATP last longer"?? That's a nice hand-waving explanation.)

But hey, whey is good stuff!
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I personally take O2 Gold Advanced and it works. Approximately 30 minutes after taking the 2 tablets, I notice my breathing becomes easier. I am able to take deeper and more productive breaths while running. I would recommend trying it.