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How do I know if I have a stress fracture? I've heard that pressing around the bone you'll feel a sharp unbearable pain. Is this true? I have pain but it's not sharp and it's on top of the foot and on the side of the metatarsal. Thanx
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I have had the same thing ongoing for a year now. I thought it was a stress fracture at first - took a couple of months off. But when I started up again the exact same thing. In doing research on metatarsalgia (general name for pain in metatarsals) one website said there are as many as 26 causes of this!! Seems to be linked to chronic tightness in ankles and calf muscles in my case. I only have it on one side - left 2nd metatarsal.
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Thankx for that. I tried taking two weeks off and felt great. First day back running and I start getting the pain again. The dull pain comes on after about 1 mile. I have no pain when I curl my toes down and a little discomfort raising my toes upward toward me. My pain is on top of foot about 1/2 inch up from where toe connects. I believe it is in the area of the metatarsal/phalanges joint. The pain extends 1 inch up the metatarsal. Any ideas what this could be?
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You might have a bone spur or possible arthritis. This can cause an impingement on the nerve it that area. I recently went to a podiatrist for a similar problem. A cortisone shot, extreme loosening of the laces and a gel named Voltaren (presciption) which is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic seem to have provided enough relief so I can continue running 60-70 mph. Good luck.
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It's a stress fracture, i had the same pain about 10 weeks ago. I took 3 weeks off and i was fine for the 1st few days, but then the pain came back in the 2nd metatarsal, if it hurts pusing off then it is a stress fracture, take 4-5 more weeks off or you will be out for more than that.
Michael Scott
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I was the lucky recipient of a stress fracture in my 2nd metatarsal during high school. I was a mile into a race when it happened. I absolutely knew something was wrong when it happened, even though I was able to finish. I couldn't walk correctly for a few weeks. I was off from running for like two months.

As with any running injury, if all you do is take time off and then go back out and start running, well, you've really done nothing to prevent it from continuing to happen. Time off gives the body a natural opportunity to heal, but does nothing to address what you may be doing to cause it.

The causes of metatarsal pain are typically something that makes your foot bend in the metatarsal area. I don't want to point a definite finger here, but shoes like the Brooks Glycerin or Launch with the sprung toe are the sort of bending that can lead to metatarsal issues.

((I think in my case it was a weird combination of suddenly doing a lot of jump roping that strained my metatarsals, which then went overboard when I put on spikes and ran a cross country race.))

Also, running off the tips of your toes can also cause a lot of pressure on the metatarsals. Speedwork, extremely flexible shoes, or odd mechanics can cause that.

It's worth noting that I also expect some stability features on shoes can cause it. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say arch support can cause it. Having something built up under your arch can create a sort of transitional valley under the balls of your feet, where the arch is pushed up, the balls of your feet land down in the normal insole area, and then you push off with your bent up toes. That's a ton of pressure on the metatarsals.

I'm rambling on, but the point is that it's entirely possible you took time off and then went outside running doing the exact same thing that was causing the metatarsal pain to show symptoms. It's hard to say whether that type of running caused the symptoms or is just bringing them to light. Good luck with figuring that one out.
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Thanks to all for the help. It does hurt me to push off. I can't walk normally now. I'm really favoring my right foot. My shoes are the Asics 2140, I like the feel and Asics has done well for me in marathon training before. I think I made a mistake trying to augment the insoles with an orthotic combination arch support/heel pad. The orthotic is a little springy and probably stressed the metatarsals. It's looking more like a stress fracture now. Will see a doctor Monday.
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O.K> I went to the doctor. Sure enough, I have a stress fracture on the second metatarsal. He gave me two options. Stop running for three to four weeks and possibly have it come back or stop running for five weeks. If I don't stop running he says I'll break it further and have to wear the boot plus be out longer. I'm convinced that when I put those orthotics into my running shoes that they caused my heel to be up just high enough to put more stress on the ball of my foot and cause the stress fracture. Thanks to all and especially Michael Scott for his keen insight and explanation.
With my stress fracture I had no pain on the bottom of my metatarsal and only moderate pain when pressure was applied to the top of the foot about one inch below where the toe connects to the foot. Don't expect a sharp excruciating pain associated with all stress fractures of the metatarsal. I hope this info. will help others.
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I realize this thread is over two years old and none of you will ever read this, but I thank you for helping me self-diagnose what's likely going on in my left foot, btwn second and first metatarsals.

Michael Scott: you are the man! I have been racking my brain, running with the pain, trying to figure out what was causing the pain on the top of my left foot. Well, I purchased a pair of Brooks Cascadias a month ago. And guess what??? ZING-ZANG-BANG!! They have a Sprung toe!

I alternate btwn Nimbus 13s but always had a funny feeling about the Cascadias but could never pinpoint the issue and I never had any lasting pains until about two weeks ago.

As I know you will never read this, I will channel you some good karma.
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Skywalker: just FYI, *I* read this post, and it helped me with my second metatarsal pain. Thanks!
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just wanted to say thanks for diagnosis , i have mild pain on top of foot at second metatarsal caused by too much skipping(learning boxing ,when you start skipping you tend to go on your tip toes to clear the rope as you get better you get more flat footed)was skipping for hour at a time like an idiot !! then while going for a run i felt something " go "had a week off and it is getting better now sure it is stress fracture after what others have said , thanks again , paul