Top French t.v. announcer boycotts Beijing 4/5/2008 8:09AM Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
Bernard Faure, France's top track t.v. commentator has turned down the opportunity to go to the Beijing Olympics.

Faure, a former French marathon champion (2:14 in mid.70's), decided to boycott Beijing because he is so disgusted with Chinese human rights abuses.

He said that giving the Games to Beijing is tantamount to condoning Chinese human rights abuses.

He will be missed, as there is no one as knowledgeable as Bernard about world athletics.

Bernard has coached a number of top French distance runners, including Bruno Leger, French half marathon champ. in the early 90's. Leger ran 1:02 half marathon, despite limited track speed (29:20:10,000).

Faure was French marathon champion in mid 70's despite limited speed and track credentials, never having broken '30' minutes for 10,000 or 14:20 for 5000.

You have to admire the man for his principles. He is the voice of authority in French distance running and will be irreplaceable. No one has his knowledge or insight into the sport.

Ghost in Korea,, apply now, c.moulton