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I have not run in 6 weeks because of a calf strain which is why I am scratching my head over this pain. I have developed this pain right behind my knee out of no where, inbetween the very top of my calf and the very bottom of my hamstring. It hurts to walk and to fully extend my leg. WTF?
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Not sure exactly what it is, but I've had the same thing bothering me for months now. I've taken off as much as 4 weeks to try and let this thing heal, but it just hasn't gotten better. I've found that doing a LOT of flexibility work with the hamstring on the affected leg has kept the pain minimal and kept me on the road. I suspect it's a really low hamstring pull that just doesn't want to heal for some reason.
not a doctor, but
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If there is swelling, it could be a baker's cyst, which develops when synovial fluid leaks out of the knee joint.

I had a baker's cyst for a month or so and could not bend my leg all the way.
Eventually it went away.
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you could have tweaked the popliteus (sp) muscle. that would explain the extension problem. rest ice, alternating with heat, ice, massage lower hammies, upper calves.
big boii
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Is it the middle or the outside of the back of the knee? Could be ur hamstring strained, if not taken care of properly it will last for a long time. Semitendenosis or bicep femorus strain
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Don't know about your specific case... I strained the inside back of my left knee a few weeks ago and by process of elimination determined it had to be some weight and strength training I added to my routine (was overzealous with squats and lunges apparently, otherwise no problem with 75-80 mpw and 2-3 hard workouts per week). Took days off when I needed to, iced 3x daily (bag of frozen veggies actually worked very well when icing the strained muscle at work), cross-trained when I couldn't run. Pain slowly went away, thank God! It was making me nervous as Boston gets closer and closer...

Good luck!
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Could it be meniscus? I had a partial tear/inflammation last summer on my right meniscus, but first it was mis-diagnosed as a high calf strain. I guarantee that if it is meniscus and you're doing therapy for a suspected muscle strain in the area, you'll only make it worse.
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This could be anything, both the hamstrings and the calves cross the knee joint so it could be either, plus there's the popliteus as previously mentioned. It could also be something intside the joint, i.e. effusion. Simply no way to know. I had exactly the same symptoms several years ago and it turned out to be an effusion (water on the knee).
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how could i do something serious from not running tho?
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OMG, that's the exact pain I have. I am seeing a doctor next week.
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whenever i feel pain in the back of my knee, i throw on my 10 lb ankle weight and do some hamstring curls. usually the pain is gone a few days later. the first couple of reps are sore but then it loosens up. hope this helps!
captain stress fracture
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stress fracture at the top of you tibia. Didnt think it was possible on the back of your calf, but I had one last year. Just throwin it out there
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I had "pain behind the knee" back in high school. I did the following with a theraband wrapped around the foot and knee while sitting on a table (a towel might work also).... pain went away after 2 days of doing the exercise (~had been in pain for 3 months)! I've kept the article all these years, so hope this helps.:)

Behind Problem Knees: The Popliteus Muscle

By James P. Kotorac, D.C.

The popliteus is a small muscle that runs behind the knee. Due to its small size compared to the hamstrings above and the calf below, it is often overlooked in knee and lower leg injuries. It also isn't a very strong muscle, which adds to its relative obscurity. It is, however, of paramount importance to athletes. The popliteus has three basic motions. It helps to flex the knee, in fact, it begins the motion of knee flexion, actually unlocking the knee from full extension. In relation to this motion, a tightness or shortening of the popliteus inhibits full extension of the knee, leaving the knee unable to fully straighten.

Another motion is laterally rotating the upper leg on the lower leg when the foot is planted.For a runner, this becomes critical as a balanced gait is only achieved when this muscle is functioning properly. The final motion is medially rotating the lower leg under the upper leg. In running this would occur when the foot of that leg is in the air, powering toward the next foot strike. Shortness of this muscle would lead to an improper foot plant and excess

Injury occurs in two ways:

Any acute sprain/strain to the knee will involve the popliteus muscle.

Chronic overuse/ imbalance stress will also injure the muscle.

When the lateral hamstrings are stronger than the medial hamstrings, the popliteus muscle will weaken. Overpronation or running in worn shoes will cause excessive lower leg rotation and overstress the popliteus. A common practice among runners is hanging out or walking around in old running shoes. While you may be running in a good neutral position, the rest of the day you can be adding stress to the popliteus and the rest of your body as well.

The most effective treatment to an injured popliteus is manually applied trigger point therapy and ultrasound. While many muscles respond well to self-applied rubbing or kneading, the popliteus muscle should be approached with care. It overlies the popliteal fossa which is loaded with sensitive blood vessels and nerves where damage via too much pressure is possible.

The popliteus muscle is slightly stretched when the hamstrings are stretched. To strengthen the muscle, sit on a high chair with your legs dangling off the ground. Using elastic tubing anchored at one end, wrap the other end around the inside of your foot and rotate your foot and lower leg inward. Use low resistance and high repetition, remembering that this is not a powerful muscle.

Examination and, if necessary, treatment, therapy and strengthening of the popliteus should occur after any knee or ankle injury, lower leg break, or after any knee surgery.
Here the popliteus' lack of strength is an advantage. Treatment restores this muscle to normal in a relatively short time compared to other larger and stronger ones. But dont let its size and strength fool you. A popliteus problem can cause severe enough knee pain that running can become impossible.
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Hey, I seem to have suddenly developed this issue, and was looking for a little more information.

I know most of the time around the knee problems can be caused by just about anything, but I was hoping to narrow things down. This problem appeared suddenly on a 4 mile run yesterday, and was much worse on a 10 miler today, prior to this I've had no issues with the area what-so-ever. Two days ago I was fine, yesterday and today pain, what gives? The pain is located more medially (one or two inches inside of the very center of the back of my leg behind the knee), and right below the bend of the knee. Pain occurs during running when I pull my lower leg up, after pushing off the ground (doing "butt kicks" cause INTENSE pain, I can barely run for several minutes after doing that drill)

I'll be trying the popliteus exercises recommended above. Hopefully I can figure this one out soon.
Jason Roberts
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jaguar1 did this work for you? I seem to have just come down with similar symptoms as well...
Jason Roberts
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I meant P. Whelan instead of jaguar1....
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I'm a new runner as of January 2011. This is my first injury of some longevity but it's comforting to know this has happened to others, thanks to all who have posted. I have had this problem for 5 weeks now. I know why; I ran a marathon with my longest training run being 16 miles, DUMB. I've tried ROCK (kinesio) tape, pressurized slips and braces and even an IT band brace, nothing has worked. Like many of you, I have not ran much hoping it would heal itself. I'm itching to get back out there, so i scheduled a Drs. Appt. and an appointment with a sports massage therapist. Hopefully it's no big deal.
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many people with this problem have had success with that article.

I just got through it- I was lucky - I took 5 days off, used the stick every day on my calf, many times per day, and took many advils. Seems to have healed 90%.