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I've been having this persistant problem with my stomach since October and has not gone away despite trying about a dozen different things. Basically, everytime I do anything active,doesnt have to be running(but is particularly bad when I do run), I get this intense sloshing in my stomach. It is very loud, others running with me can hear it clearly. It's not painfull, but I can feel it sloshing and moving in my stomach and is very uncomfortable, and it is usually accompanied with a gassy feeling like my stomach is all blocked and knotted up.

My stomach also sort of grumbles and twitches all day, which is not painful either, but odd and annoying. I'm not sure if this is directly related to the sloshing but I think it may be.

I have seen my primary care doctor about this, who reffered me to a GI doctor, who set me up for blood tests, which didn't point to anything. He thought I was celiac(allergic to wheat/gluten), but the tests deconfirmed it. The tests did say my liver function was slightly high and I seemed to be mildly anemic, but the doc said it was not significant(I'm giving as much info as I can, I want to find the answer)

Basically, its been a huge issue with me and makes my runs miserable, so I've pretty much stopped running, and its f***ing my life up and I feel like crap every day. I can't stand it and was wondering if anyone here might be able to tell me something to help it, or if they experienced this themself.

I have an X ray coming up in 2 weeks but the doctor told me it "probably wont yield any results", and told me that this may just be how my body digests things. I can't accept that though because its been making my runs absolutely miserable and it doesn't seem normal.
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Do you chew sugar-free gum?
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I have the same thing. Some days it is worse than others. Not sure what causes it but it is very embarrassing. Sometimes I can suck in and make the sound happen. Who knows, guess we're just weird.
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It's funny you ask that, I used to chew sugar free gum until I found out that I have a problem with the sorbitol in it, it makes me gassy and gives me stomach pains.

So yeah, I no longer chew sugar free gum though
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I've had the same problem since July...started when i moved to Flagstaff to train, continued since I've been back (i'm a collegiate senior)

I have no suggestions's kind of f--ked with my racing though (cost me a ton at pre-nats this year)