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In a cross country race this past weekend I developed a pair of debilitating side stitches. The pain was by far the worst side stitch I've ever had and possible the worst pain I've ever been in while running. I finished the race out, but was among the stragglers. Following the race, I was still in pain throughout my cool down.

I have been able to 'feel' the side stitch walking around for the past 3 days, and have only attempted to run once. The stitch flared up, and anything faster than about 7:30 minute miles was painful.

Is it possible for me to have pulled my diaphragm muscle? or a stomache muscle? Did running through a very bad stitch do some sort of damage? I have yet to be able to see a team trainer or doctor and although I know Letsrun doesn't have all the answers (although I wish it did) I was curious if anyone had any suggestions or comments.

Also, I'm 23 years old and a sub 15 minute 5k runner who has had 3 side stitches in the past 5 years, 2 of which in my last 2 races.
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Have had similar problems. No advice though, but a bump.
4 months in my case
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I had the same thing several years ago. In my case anything faster than a slow walk brought on the pain. I took two weeks completely off and saw no improvement. It needed four months of complete rest before I could run again. No trace of it since, but it was very hard to get through at the time.
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There's a possibility you have strained intercostals, serratus, or obliques, depending on the exact location. I'd go with one of the first two most like, they both are used during ribcage expansion a lot and are constantly stressed, which could cause long recovery periods.
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I think that if you had pulled your diaphragm muscle, you'd probably have at least some slight difficulty breathing.
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I had this problem three years ago. I ran a half-marathon and developed the stitch at mile 2. I ran through the next 11 miles basically clutching my side. I, too, then continued to experience the pain walking and running, especially running faster than a jog. I had to drop out of every race I started for the next three months due to the return of the pain. Nothing helped until eventually a physical therapist just jammed his thumb into my abdomen where the pain was (excruciating, by the way), held it there for several minutes, and magically the pain subsided. It might have been an ART treatment; I didn't ask him. Anyway, from that day on I was fine. My pain was right under my ribcage; I'm pretty sure it was a diaphragm tear or strain. Get ye to a physical therapist immediately. You can also ask a friend to do it and guide them to the right spot. Good luck.
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had the same problem my sophomore year of high school. One week i ran 16:12, 2 weeks later i didnt even break 19 because i was in pain the whole way. I dont have any advice, i took 2 weeks off and it was gone.