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Two years ago, I had correctional surgery for Haglund's Deformity on my left heel. Bone was removed, nothing was done to the achilles, and I walked around on a boot for a few weeks before walking around in regular shoes (painfully, of course, for a long time). It took nearly four months before I was able to begin running -- though, because I had been using an elliptical for the six weeks leading up to it, I was able to begin with a 70 mile week.

Anyhow, since I could discern the same problem emerging with my right heel, I thought I'd waste as little time as possible and get the surgery done. I averaged over 13 miles every day from late last August to the very day before surgery at the end of April this year. This time, however, I had a different doctor perform the surgery. Apparently, around 20% of the IT was detached from the bone during the procedure, and so I was put in a non weight-bearing splint for five weeks and had to hobble around in crutches. For the past two weeks I've been walking around in Nike Frees instead of wearing the boot I was given. I tried running today (nearly 7 weeks after surgery) but the pain was too sharp and my leg still feels too weak.

My question, for anyone who has had this surgery and who runs fairly high mileage (70+/week) is this: how long did it take for you to begin running again after the surgery? I'm going insane, as I did two years ago, and was hoping that I would be able to skip the use of the elliptical this time around and ease directly into running, but I'm seriously beginning to wonder how realistic that is.
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take off the frees and put the gd boot back on! - you want to tear your AT don't you?