USATF Outdoor Championships Return To Drake University In Des Moines, Iowa, In 2018

Drake Stadium has previously hosted the USATF Outdoor Championships twice, in 2010 and 2013.

TV & Streaming Information for 2018 USATF Outdoor Championships

Schedule, Entries, & Results for 2018 USATF Outdoor Championships

The 5 Things We're Most Excited About For In The Men's Events At The 2018 USATF Outdoor Championships

We know it's an off year but USAs are this week and we're excited for it and try to get you excited as well by sharing our top 5 men's highlights including a LOADED men's 800. Plus can Evan Jager win his 7th straight and can Matthew Centrowitz win his 5th 1500 title?

5 Reasons To Be Excited for the Women's Action at 2018 USAs: Sydney McLaughlin, Simpson vs. Houlihan in an Iowan Civil War, Jorgensen vs. Huddle, & More

Even though it's an off year, there is A LOT to be excited about at 2018 USAs in terms of women's action including Jenny Simpson vs. Shelby Houlihan in the 1500, a gold vs silver matchup in the women's steeple and the debut of Gwen Jorgensen at USAs.

Burgers+Fries+Cookies+Ice Cream=9.78, Cardi B+Dancing=World Title, & Everyone Wants to Be a... Pole Vaulter?

Get the scoop from today's press event for the 2018 USATF Outdoor Championships from our boots on the ground in Des Moines.

$200,018 LRC Running Warehouse USA Outdoors Prediction Contest

USA s start Thursday. It's time to get down to business.
Des Moines, IA
June 21, 2018 to June 24, 2018

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