RRW: Shelby Houlihan Completes 1500m/5000m Double at USA Championships

The Best Interviews from 2018 USAs: Centro on How Being Fitter Allows Him to Race Smarter, Coburn on Jebet's Positive, & the People's Hero, Jordan Mann

We know only a few of the biggest die-hards had time to watch all 79 interviews we conducted in the mixed zone at USAs (you can check out all the videos here). That's okay. Below, we've selected our 10 favorite interviews from 2018 USAs. If you want to be educated, entertained, or both, check this out.

Who were the favorites and underdogs at 2018 USA Outdoors?

New Blood at USAs, Attendance at Nationals Worldwide, Another Look at Kellyn Taylor's 2:24:28, Dafne Schippers False Start

Plus it is a travesty Haron Lagat isn not eligible to run for US.
Des Moines, IA
June 21, 2018 to June 24, 2018

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