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LRC L.A. Marathon Live Blog    

2:08:24!! Wesley Korir pr's by 5 minutes and sets the course record on the Memorial Day Los Angeles Marathon. Tatyana Petrova runs great for 2:26 high negative split in the women's race.

12:37 Korir in interview with Eyestone. "This is just the biggest blessing I've ever had in my life. It's the best." "I didn't even believe it! ... I just can't believe it!" "I train in Kentucky at 0. I train by myself. I believe that this day God had a plan for me, for me to do my best."

12:33 2:26 high for Petrova. Jifar couldn't even beat her to the line after catching her 2 miles ago!

12:31 This is incredible. Jifar can't even catch Petrova! Korir is going to get $40,000 for a sub-2:09. 100 grand + 40 grand + 25 grand + a car. 2:08:24 for Wesley Korir! 189 thousand dollars!!!

12:27 In the final mile they're taking a commercial break. Interesting.  Korir is crushing it! What a feeling. I can't wait to go out and run today.

12:26 This is so stupid. We're in the final mile and we're talking about a stupid cell phone and mobile technology with an 8:00 pace guy.

12:25 Korir blows it open. Holy cow!! Wearing a uniform with a yellow top and red bottom that says "Swag's",  Korir looks like hes going to take down a huge payday and also become one of LetsRun.com's favorite success stories. Again... He's a 13:40, 2:13 guy and he's having the day of his life, about to take down 100 grand, a car and about 25,000 more for winning the men's race. .

12:22 We're 1:58 into the race. Korir is dropping Jifar a little bit as Korir goes after petrova!!!

12:20 Gobena falling off. Korir leading the charge again. I have this feeling that jifar is going to smoke him in the last mile. THE $100000 PASS IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN

12:19 Women are 150m ahead at this point. Seems like the pace is slowing. The men look like they're running easier.

12:16 Korir pulls alongside jifar. God, Korir looks good even though Jifar is 90% going to win this race.

12:14 Petrova and Gobena are only about 400m ahead now, the men are getting much closer. We're almost through mile 22. Korir just won't let Jifar get away! Korir is still coached by excellent NCAA coach Ron Mann.

12:12  Korir takes the lead!!!! i'm amazed. his PR is 2:13 and he's leading a 2:07 race! Jifar now takes the lead and he does look better sometimes. I think jifar was smart to back off because he can probably kick down Korir.

12:10 Korir gets back to Jifar and Petrova is pulling Gobena along. 5:18 for mile 22 for the ladies. Korir is back on and this is great. He's a 13;40 5k guy and never and NCAA champ and he's going to run about 2:08, maybe under 2:08!

12:08 Korir is tiring and Jifar pulling away. They're rolling now. $100 grand awaits one of those two guys.

12:05 Tariku Jifar is pushing off the front. This is Deribe Merga's training partner. hang in there, Korir! he might be going too early! We're 1:42 into the men's and 1:59 into the women's race. The men are going to catch the women pretty soon.

12:01 Watching a weatherman instead of the race. the temps have gone up 3 degrees during the race. 5:12 for mile 20 for the gals. petrova missed her fluid and was very upset, hit herself on the forehead! men ran the same mile in 5:00 pace!! Wesley Korir's pr is 2:13. He's on 2:07:30 pace!!

11:59 Tatyana Petrova has stepped on the gas and is running 5:15-5:20, which is going to make it a lot tougher for the men to catch them.

11:57 Amane Gobena is the Ethiopian with Petrova.

11:54 3:25 is the gap. Men are down to a pack of 4. #1 Jefar looks good but Korir is in the lead. Jefar trains with Deribe Merga.

11:52 1:28 into the men's race. 1:45 into the women's race. Men are 4 minutes behind. The two lead women are running side-by-side and both seem to be hammering after the even paced first half.

11:47 Uh-oh, men are slowing up big-time while the women start to get into gear. The men ran a 5:03 and a 4:53 back to back. This could get really close.

Korir is in front pushing the pace for the men. He looks good.

11:42 Women's front pack might come back together as the chase group of 3, led by the expereienced Russian, pushed to get back with the top-2.

11:41 Here we go! Petrova has blasted the field and there's only one woman left with her. Gabina. 5:21 for the 16th mile with a hill. The men are really stringing out. 1:03:34 first half for the men.

11:38 Korir is my pick. He takes some water from a guy and the guy throws his arms up and yells "yaaaa!"

It appears that whatever malfunction was occuring earlier has been fixed, which is a shame, because now we can't hear the broadcasters during the commercials. Wow, Korir is pushing it here 73 minutes into the men's race. Dang!

11:35 Yes, the introduction of Wesley Korir from Louisville. He looks great in yellow top and red shorts.

11:33 Interview with Aaron Gordian, the 2009 Wheelchair champion. Gordian is great. 54 million Americans have disabilities?

2:07:18 projected finish, women at 2:28:06, meaning the women are in trouble. The women's field is not very good. Petrova is pushing the pace now.

11:28 this cameraman is going to give us sea-sickness.

11:26 They're over an hour in the men's race, coming up on half-way. it's been great having Ed Eyestone out on the course because he is really good about getting the splits and telling us the accurate splits. let's hear it: "Put Ed Eyestone out on the course of all the marathons and go to him often!"

11:24 I figured it out. The wheelchair commentator sounds exactly like Steve Carell's character in The Office, Michael Scott.

11:22 "I can't go home with a 2:11. I would be embarrassed in my neighborhood." - One of the Kenyan runners on whether they'd like to win or run fast.

11:20 Men are rolling, women are getting nervous and have to know that they are screwed for the 100k. The men are well under course record pace. The women are well off course record pace.

Ethiopian men are back into the lead after 5k stud (10 times under13 in his career) Ben Limo led for a while.

11:07 Ben Limo, 2005 world champion in Helsinki at 5000m, is leading the marathon right now.

11:04 The lead announcer is wondering aloud... can the men catch the women and then the women come back and catch the men as they tire. hahaha.

11:00 Tatyana Petrova in only her 2nd marathon looks really good. She's a talented track runner.

Looks like, if the paces keep up, the men are going to pass the women somewhere between 1-mile and 2-miles to go. That's actually assuming the men slow up and the women speed up a bit.

10:54 Men pass thru mile 5 in 24:02. So they're on 2:06 pace or a little faster. Ed Eyestone mentions how the landscape of marathoning has changed. Guys now just go out and hammer and see who can hold on at 2:04-2:08 pace. That's definitely happening today.

The women look much more comortable. They screwed up and ran a 6:02 mile in there somewhere which helps the men.

10:51 Hahaha Natasha Grainger.

10:44 Yes! We're listening to the announcers during the commercial. They're meeting people and introducing themselves. It's really funny. Reavis is talking about Boston Bill Rodgers.

10:43 The guy covering the wheelchair race is funny. He's taking it really seriously.

10:40 Henner says women are just clicking off 5:35's while the men are going nuts.

10:39 1st mile: 4:40, 2nd mile 4:47, 3rd mile 4:48. Course record is 2:08:40 from Benson Cherono in 2006. 3 miles in 14:15. Announcer Toni Reavis is drawing comparisons to Ryan Hall's fast start in Boston (that we have said wasn't really that fast).

10:37 Ok they're going to commercial an awful lot. The best part of the commercial breaks thus far has been on the internet feed. during the breaks they were still running the audio from the announcers in the booth as they tried to figure out what was going on in the races.

10:35 Taiko drummers being interviewed. They're playing in the first mile.

10:30 We're watching the L.A. Marathon live on Universal Sports' internet feed.

1st mile: 4:40. Slight downhill. The men are rolling to make up the 16:57 gap between men and women.

Ed Eyestone is out on the course covering the men.

Juli Henner is out on the truck covering the women. She says that the women are having lots of trouble at the water stations and that they're covering miles in the 5:30 range.

Bob Molinatti is covering the wheelchair race.




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