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Olympic Trials Sunday Field Event Recap
by: LetsRun.com
June 29, 2008

*Sunday Sprint Recap Here: Tyson Gay 9.68!!!, Bershawn Jackson Storms Back to Win, World Leader Demus Comes Up Short

Womenís Triple Jump: 2 to Beijing
The first event in these Trials in which the U.S. will not send a full contingent of three athletes is the womenís triple jump.  Pre-meet favorite Shani Marks did very well, reaching 47-2 1/4 and NCAA Champion Erica McLain placed third.  Both have exceeded the Olympic ďAĒ standard of 46-7 1/4 but second place finisher Shakema Welsh will not earn a trip to Beijing.  Although she jumped 46-10 to place second it was wind-aided and her legal seasonal best is 46-5 1/4,  which is two inches shy of the necessary mark.

  1 Shani Marks                  Nike                    14.38mS  1.4  47-02.25
     FOUL      13.76m(1.0) 14.38m(1.4) 14.02m(1.0) FOUL      13.69m(1.1)
  2 Shakeema Welsch              unattached              14.27m   3.5  46-10.00
     13.99m(1.4) 13.86m(-1.0) 13.95m(1.4) 13.93m(2.6) 14.27m(3.5) 14.01m(2.0)
  3 Erica McLain                 Nike                    13.96m   0.4  45-09.75
     FOUL      13.80m(-0.4) 13.96m(0.3) 13.53m(2.5) 13.44m(2.4) 13.44m(2.0)
  4 Yvette Lewis                 unattached              13.84m   0.5  45-05.00
     13.84m(0.5) 13.47m(-2.2) 13.50m(2.1) 13.18m(-0.3) 13.84m(1.9) FOUL
  5 Amanda Thieschafer           unattached              13.84m   1.0  45-05.00
     13.69m(0.4) 13.51m(2.0) 13.41m(1.0) 13.56m(2.0) 13.65m(0.5) 13.84m(1.0)
  6 Toni Smith                   Oklahoma                13.81m   1.2  45-03.75
     13.09m(+0.0) 13.71m(-0.1) 13.45m(0.6) 13.19m(1.7) 13.81m(1.2) 13.74m(0.9)
  7 Simidele Adeagbo             Nike                    13.67m   2.6  44-10.25
     13.36m(2.6) 13.67m(2.6) FOUL      13.56m(1.2) FOUL      13.67m(0.2)
  8 Crystal Manning              Kansas                  13.36m   1.9  43-10.00
     13.36m(1.9) 12.98m(-0.7) 13.09m(0.8) 13.26m(2.4) 13.09m(2.1) FOUL
  9 Sherita Williams             G B T C                 13.29m   1.8  43-07.25
     13.02m(1.6) FOUL      13.29m(1.8)
 10 Brandy Depland               unattached              13.12m   1.0  43-00.50
     13.12m(1.0) FOUL      FOUL
 11 Brittany Grovey              Tri-Valley Asics        13.04m   1.0  42-09.50
     12.76m(-0.7) 12.64m(-0.1) 13.04m(1.0)
 12 Tomika Ferguson              unattached              13.01m   1.7  42-08.25
     FOUL      FOUL      13.01m(1.7)

Menís Pole Vault: Hartwig Makes the Team at 40

At age 40, Jeff Hartwig made his second Olympic team on Sunday and his first since 1996.  One of the favorites for Olympic gold in 2000, Hartwig met misfortune in the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Trials in Sacramento but found better luck this year in Eugene.  After no-heighting at the past two Olympic Trials,  Hartwig faced another gut-check moment at his first height, clearing 18-0 1/4 on his third attempt.  He then went on to clear 18-8 1/4 on his third attempt to make the team.  35-year old Derek Miles made his second straight Olympic team, winning the competition at 19-0 1/4.  American record-holder and the 2007 World champion, Brad Walker, came through on a windy afternoon, opening up at 18-6 1/2 which was good enough for third.

  1 Derek Miles                  Nike                     5.80m   19-00.25
     5.40 5.50 5.60 5.65 5.70 5.75 5.80 5.85 5.90 5.91
      PPP   XO    O  PPP    O  PPP   XO  PPP  XPP   XX
  2 Jeff Hartwig                 unattached               5.70m   18-08.25
     5.40 5.50 5.60 5.65 5.70 5.75 5.80
      PPP  XXO    O  PPP  XXO  PPP  XXX
  3 Brad Walker                  Nike                     5.65m   18-06.50
     5.40 5.50 5.60 5.65 5.70 5.75 5.80
      PPP  PPP  PPP    O  XPP  PPP   XX
  4 Russ Buller                  Asics                    5.60m   18-04.50
     5.40 5.50 5.60 5.65
      PPP    O   XO  XPP
  5 Jacob Pauli                  Nike                     5.50m   18-00.50
     5.40 5.50 5.60 5.65
      PPP    O  XXP    X
  6 Jeremy Scott                 unattached               5.50m   18-00.50
     5.40 5.50 5.60 5.65
      PPP   XO  PPP  XXX
  6 Paul Gensic                  U.S. Air Force           5.50m   18-00.50
     5.40 5.50 5.60
        O   XO  XXX
  6 Timothy Mack                 Nike                     5.50m   18-00.50
     5.40 5.50 5.60
        O   XO  XXX
  9 Justin Norberg               unattached               5.50m   18-00.50
     5.40 5.50 5.60 5.65 5.70
        O  XXO  XXP  PPP    X
 10 Paul Litchfield              unattached               5.40m   17-08.50
     5.40 5.50
       XO  XXX
 -- Jeff Ryan                    VS Athletics                NH
 -- Toby Stevenson               Nike                        NH
     5.40 5.50
      PPP  XXX
 -- Jordan Scott                 Kansas                     DNS

Womenís Discus: Power Momma Wins

Motherhood agrees with Aretha Thurmond, who won the womenís discus with a mark of 213-11, her second straight Trials triumph.  Said Thurmond, "It's been an exciting comeback and I am just enjoying motherhood. I think today was just momma-power out there."  Thurmond missed the 2007 season after giving birth to a son in June 2007.   She has now been on the U.S. team three times.   Suzy Powell-Roos, who made the team in 1996 and 2000, will wear the USA uniform again after placing second at 206-5.  Third-place Stephanie Brown-Trafton will make her second straight team, placing third. Becky Breisch finished fourth for the second straight Trials.

  1 Aretha Thurmond              Nike                    65.20m     213-11
      60.89m  65.20m  58.84m  57.98m  FOUL  59.82m
  2 Suzy Powell-Roos             Tri-Valley Asics        62.92m     206-05
      59.88m  58.95m  62.55m  59.69m  59.51m  62.92m
  3 Stephanie Brown Trafton      Nike                    62.65m     205-06
      FOUL  60.24m  60.43m  62.65m  FOUL  60.52m
  4 Becky Breisch                Nike                    61.04m     200-03
      60.36m  59.52m  61.04m  FOUL  56.25m  55.19m
  5 Cecilia Barnes               unattached              56.91m     186-08
      56.91m  55.80m  FOUL  55.05m  56.64m  56.68m
  6 Summer Pierson               unattached              56.69m     186-00
      53.96m  FOUL  56.69m  56.12m  FOUL  56.48m
  7 Kelechi Anyanwu              unattached              54.51m     178-10
      54.51m  53.10m  52.99m  FOUL  52.71m  FOUL
  8 Taiyshawna Battle            Arizona State           54.22m     177-11
      51.04m  54.22m  52.88m  50.29m  53.60m  52.83m
  9 Katie Corner                 Throw 1 Deep            53.49m     175-06
      53.13m  53.49m  53.16m
 10 Khadija Talley               Miami                   53.49m     175-06
      53.05m  52.43m  53.49m
 11 Rachel Longfors              Tri-Valley Asics        53.44m     175-04
      53.44m  FOUL  51.60m
 12 Rachel Varner                unattached              53.23m     174-08
      52.99m  53.23m  FOUL

Menís Long Jump: Olympic Champ Dwight Phillips Out

The cruel nature of the U.S. Olympic Trials claimed another victim on Sunday as 2004 Olympic Champion Dwight Phillips came up just short of the team, in the long jump, placing fourth at 26-11.  Entering the meet with the 9th best mark in the world this year, Phillips missed the squad by a mere 3/4ths of an inch.  Trevell Quinley was safely on the team entering the last round in third place but added Olympic Trials champion to his resume by moving into first on his sixth-round jump, reaching a PR 27-5 1/4.   Pre-meet #1 seed Brian Johnson was second at 27-2 3/4.

  1 Trevell Quinley              Nike                     8.36m   1.6  27-05.25
     7.65m(2.5) 7.94m(2.2) FOUL      FOUL      8.22m(2.4) 8.36m(1.6)
  2 Brian Johnson                Nike                     8.30m   2.9  27-02.75
     7.82m(2.2) 7.64m(1.5) 8.30m(2.9) 8.12m(3.1) PASS      7.82m(0.3)
  3 Miguel Pate                  Nike                     8.22m   1.4  26-11.75
     FOUL      8.20m(2.2) 8.22m(1.4) 6.89m(1.3) FOUL      8.14m(-0.9)
  4 Dwight Phillips              Nike                     8.20m   2.2  26-11.00
     7.93m(0.9) 8.20m(2.2) 7.97m(2.4) 8.02m(2.2) 8.05m(2.8) 7.98m(2.3)
  5 Matthew Turner               unattached               8.12m   3.0  26-07.75
     FOUL      FOUL      7.90m(3.2) 6.43m(2.0) 7.81m(1.7) 8.12m(3.0)
  6 JaRod Tobler                 unattached               8.09m   1.7  26-06.50
     8.09m(1.7) FOUL      FOUL      FOUL      7.96m(1.4) 7.76m(2.7)
  7 Joe Allen                    Nike                     7.79m   1.5  25-06.75
     7.79m(1.5) 7.73m(2.3) 7.75m(1.9) 7.61m(1.5) FOUL      7.65m(2.6)
  8 Mike Morrison                unattached               7.75m   1.1  25-05.25
     7.67m(1.3) 7.56m(0.1) 7.75m(1.1) 7.61m(1.4) 7.69m(1.7) 7.54m(1.6)
  9 Randall Flimmons             unattached               7.73m   0.8  25-04.50
     7.73m(0.8) 7.12m(0.8) 7.49m(-2.0)
 10 O'Darien Bassett             Troy                     7.70m   3.9  25-03.25
     7.70m(3.9) 7.53m(1.2) 7.39m(0.2)
 11 Bashir Ramzy                 unattached               7.68m   2.2  25-02.50
     7.68m(2.2) FOUL      FOUL
 12 Reindell Cole                Cal-Northridge           7.62m   0.4  25-00.00
     7.49m(2.4) 7.62m(0.4) 7.24m(1.2)
 13 Mikese Morse                 South Florida            7.50m   0.8  24-07.25
     FOUL      FOUL      7.50m(0.8)

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