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LetsRun.com Boston 2008 Party Update
Hosted by PUMA

April 17, 2008

The response to attend the LetsRun.com Boston 2008 Party hosted by Puma was overwhelming. We had hundreds of people apply for only a few spots and were really impressed with some of the answers. We knew we were popular, but when you throw in free booze and t-shirts,  it goes off the charts.

Deciding who to invite to the party was not easy. To prove it, we've decided to share some of the responses. Below you'll find some of the responses from people who were accepted to the party (those at the top designated A1, A2, (A=accepted), etc) and some from people who were rejected.

If you haven't received an email from us, it means you didn't make the cut. But, don't give up all hope; we may have a few spots open up depending on who actually RSVPs.

Also, we're letting you vote for the most impressive applicant who we accepted (vote below) and the most impressive person we rejected (vote below). We'll have a special prize for these people.

Finally, before we get to the responses, we wanted to release some of the party details:
Free Beer isn't so great if it's Natty Light, right? That's why we'll be handing out free Harpoon, one of the best beers in America (in our opinion).
For those of you watching their figures, afraid of the calories in beer, don't worry - you can do tequilla shots courtesy of Sauza all night.
Rojo was going to bring his iPod, which would have meant a night full of Madonna and the Boss. Instead we got a local street DJ to provide the music.
Oh, and who wouldn't like to receive their gift bag at the end of the night from a beautiful model (male or female - we don't discriminate)?

Okay, so on to the voting...

Accepted to Party
A1 Male  Age: 4?

I'm filming a documentary following two of the women in the trials, *** and ***. I've been told by the BAA that I can't film at the trials because NBC owns the exclusive rights, so I'd like to film at the Let's Run party while I'm in town and interview some hardcore runners for my film. I'll also be running myself on Monday. My website is ***

A2 Female Age: 3?
I want to come to the private LETSRUN.COM party at Puma so that I can show people that not everyone on LETSRUN.COM is a young, smack talking male runner! I will be there to represent all the middle aged, smack talking females. Although this will only be my second time running Boston, this marathon is deep in my blood. It is part of my life. I want to come to this party and bring my kids (they behave in public) so that I can further show them the "coolness" that is running. Since my kids are impressionable, I think that a private party is just the convincing they need. Not to mention the free shirt wouldn't hurt.. Thanks! ****

A3 Male Age: 2?
I have the greatest job in the world. For two hours a day I get to coach highly motivated distance runners at the high school level. For the past 4 years I have had the distinct pleasure of studying physiology, psychology, biomechanics and training theory at numerous USATF coaching schools and been witness to some of the greatest lectures given by some of the most respected coaches in the world. I consider myself extremely grateful for the wealth of knowledge that these coaches have given me and I only hope to return the favor by passing their wisdom to my younger athletes. While my teams have not been the most successful in the win-loss category I have managed to motivate and inspire many of the athletes. Each winter our indoor track and field team, which is a self-funded team, travels to the Boston Indoor Games. For young track and field athletes seeing a professional track meet with athletes mingling so close to the public has served as a highly motivating experience for them. Seeing the excitement in their eyes only inspires me to do my job with a higher intensity. Over the years I have realized that I am not just a coach, but a teacher, a father figure, and after they graduate, a friend. While it is still early in my coaching career I have been fortunate enough to coach thirteen athletes in 5 events to qualify for the NSIC/NON national championships. While I believe these athletes would be successful whoever their coach, I am most proud of the success coming from the middle to back of the pack runners. I was recently brought to tears while watching one of my hardest working sophomore boys finally reach a goal of breaking the five minute mile barrier. It served as one of my more rewarding coaching experiences. In fact, for the hard work and general care I give my athletes they chose to reward me with an all expenses paid trip to this year's Prefontaine Classic. Which again, only made me realize how truly amazing the athletes who participate in the sport of track and field really are. I hope to surround myself with many more wonderful track and field athletes by being granted access to your wonderful gathering. Respectfully submitted, *** ****

A4 Male Age: 2?
Wejo, I know this is a little late, but I had to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam all day Saturday. Basically, me and a few friends are going to Boston to watch the women's trials and the marathon. I competed last year (in the Nor'easter) and had a great time (if racing a marathon can be called a great time). We will be arriving on Saturday afternoon, after stopping at ***, where my brother is racing a tune-up 1500M. This party will be the perfect start to our weekend! We are already huge fans of the site, and have converted many who were ignorant of it's magnificence. Most of us made it down to the Kip Keino Mile this past spring. I wore my LetsRun T-shirt that my girlfriend made to the race, but I didn't get to meet you. Instead, my brother got your autograph and his picture on LetsRun. It would mean a lot to me if we could come and party with you, and I'd finally be able to make up for my previous unsocial behavior. And if we don't get picked, we'll just crash the party anyways, haha

A5 Male Age: 3?
I was 3 time letter winner in track and cross country at Tulane University. After I quit the sport, I took up smoking and drinking heavily. It took the massive tragedy of Hurricane Katrina for me to get my act together. After losing everything in New Orleans, I relocated to Boston an began trying to rebuild my life. Along the way, I rediscovered the joy the joy of running. I periodically monitor the message boards for motivation and advice. Hopefully, I will be making marathon debut this fall. Have nice day and enjoy Boston.

A6 Male Age: 2?
1. I lived with you one summer 2. I'll buy you a few of those free beers 3. I'll drink some too although I'm running the marathon on Monday Hope you are enjoying London and perhaps after Boston we'll also have a beer or three in New York.

A7 Female Age: 2?
Why do you want me at your party? Two words: female & navicular. No VIP list is complete without girls or people with broken navicular bones, right? Right! I am fairly sure that being a female makes me a minority around these parts, and I can assure you that I will represent my sex well. I grew up south of Boston and attend S***** so I can fulfill the local quota, too. Wejo, I know you can relate to the navicular bone. I consider my story to be pretty epic. Highlights include: 7 months in a boot, accepting a ride from a FedEx truck, 2 screws, and throwing up in a Target in Boston. If you want to hear the wonderful details you’re going to have to invite me to your party! After 2 years of injury, I’m finally starting to run again and this would be a sweet way to kick off being healthy. Finally, if I am not invited to this party I will resort to trying out to be Paris Hilton’s next best friend. Please don’t make me go there.

A8 Female Age: 2?
I had the extreme privilege of getting to be a part of the Brook's, men's Olympic Trials post party in New York. Therefore, you should have me and my friends at your party so that we can let you know how you compare to the elite party they had in NTC. Also, I am with 5 people and we are all Boston Virgins. Not to mention, quite good looking. (Sample photo for proof.... editor's note: you guys will have to check out the post-party photos to see her photo ) Needless to say, growing up in Wisconsin, we were all raised with a bottle of beer from age 3 on. We have spent way to much money to get a hotel room by the finish and may not have any money left to get our typical pre-race beer. You want us at your party. Thanks, Wisconsin Hot Chicks

A9 Male  Age: 5?
2008 Boston will be the 30th anniversary of my first Boston, my 10th running of it, and 60th marathon overall. In four separate decades (1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s) I finished Boston in under 2 hours 40 minutes (PR 2:28:05, in 1983 Boston). I have a photo of Rosie Ruiz' finish in 1980 taken by my brother who was waiting for me to finish, and I can give a first hand account of how I know she hadn't run (based on my proximity to winner Garreau and runner up Patti Catalano). My first marathon was the inaugural NY City Marathon in 1976, when it had only 2000 runners. In the 1978 NYC race, I ran in a pack with Grete Waitz, until she blew us away at the 59th St bridge, before she went on to her first world record. In 1996, I was masters winner at Marine Corp, and ran alone from miles 20-23 with Mark Plaates only three years after his gold medal at Worlds (he was just using Marine Corp to train for Fukuoka). He's a very nice guy, by the way. I have a great story about cutting my head open 10 minutes before the start of the 1995 Marine Corp race, running it with a bloody scalp and gloves, then needing to go to the emergency room for five staples after completing it in 2:33. I dabbled in ultramarathons in the early 90s and took the silver medal at the USATF 100km national championships, losing by a mere 31 seconds. Most importantly, I'm a HUGE FAN OF LETSRUN.COM

A10 Male Age: 4? (we know this guy)
Hanging out with fellow letsrunners would be cool, and free beer is always nice, but the reasons you should invite me are (1) I'll be running the marathon, (2) I actually own a pair of Puma Mandaras and would like to check out their other shoes, and (3) I can help Rojos graduates get good jobs at my company if they want to stay in the Ithaca area

A11 Male Age: 2?
A few honest and down to earth reasons (W/O mentioning how big a fan of letsrun i am - everyone could state that): 1)I'm not racing, but I am a HUGE fan of Boston the city... and I want to attend to help show everyone a GREAT time and represent Boston well. 2) Along with me I would be bringing a runner (former teammate of mine at UC** and current student at ****) who will be pacing along with Lance Armstrong's group. I am trying to convince him to wear something interesting, such as a 'Let's Run' singlet/ad. Having him attend a LetRun.com party would go a long way in accomplishing this. 3) My second guest will be a hot girl, who I'd love to get interested in running, so this party may also help her get interested in running culture. 4) Lastly, I live a short walk from the Puma store and think the LetsRun party would be a great start of the night's activities with other running fans. As of now I have reservations at the Beehive for a good sized group at 10pm (don't have people committed, but just in case)... but my plans are always changing.

A12 Male  Age: 3?
1. I love getting free stuff. 2. I've visited Flagstaff three times, going back for a week on Monday in fact, and I'd like to pick your brains/compare notes on good runs in FLG and Sedona. 3. I don't drink so there'll be more beer to go around for everyone else. 4. I have an autographed poster of Bill Rodgers ("10,000 Miles to Moscow") from 1980 that I got for my ninth birthday. If you like I can bring it with me.

A13 Male Age: 2?
We want to prove the Atlanta Track Club can have fun and not get Tasered. Mike Gerber will be there with the scars to prove it! It is not 200 words, but you understand. Cheers,

A14 Male Age: 5?
My wife, and I will be in Boston to watch the Trials race. We are excited to be able to witness so much of the race, due to the great course layout. She knows the course well as she ran her PR (in the mid 80s) at one of the Women's 10K races which uses the same roads. A party with other runners all trying to predict the outcome would be a perfect way to get ready for the big day. Also, as ****'s agent, I will have some free time. I figure the Let's Run.Com/Puma party is the place to be. Thank you. ps. I say Kastor, Russell and Dryer.

A15 Male Age: 3?
We are coming all the way from Anchorage, Alaska. This will be my first Boston Marathon and would love to hang around and visit with runners from all over. Never even been to Boston. My goal is a sub 2:44. I am also a PE teacher and wrestling coach (wrestled at the Univ. of Oregon). Being a PE teacher should pull a ton of weight in your selection process.

A16 Male Age: 2?
I am a cadet at the United States Military Academy with 50 days until graduation. I would like to come to the letsrun party because I check it non-stop. I really appreciate all the work you guys put in to the website and what better way to thank you than by partying with you. I run xc and track for Army, but have been plagued by injuries since I entered college (basically nice way to say I suck). I would love to come make one last trip out to Boston before I graduate, I can at a minimum promise you all some good stories. Thanks! *****

A17 Female Age: 2?
If you want the coolest, hippest most athletic group of women at your party, the **** Racine Team should make an appearance. I'm a Boston transplant who recently moved to *** ****, where I run with the *** Racing  Team, an elite-development all-women's racing team. We've got 6 women competing in the Olympic Marathon Trials, the most of any club in the nation. Another 15 of us will be running in the Marathon on Monday. I will be running alongside one of our masters runners in the Elite Women's Start of the Marathon on Monday. We're a fun bunch of sassy, competitive, and hip women who would definitely add some *** Area a love and athletic enthusiasm and good form to your party. There's no better way I think we could show our team what the Boston scene is all about than spending some time with the PUMA folks and their friends on the Saturday before a weekend of amazing racing. I promise we'd add some character and tanned *** *** skin to the PUMA Boston 2008 Party.

A18 13:42 5ker Age: 3?
Because it's an opportunity to hang out with other has-beens and never-wases like me!

A19 Female Age: 2?
Well... I simply think it would be awesome to meet the Brojos. I'm certainly curious about the other attendees and the event itself, but being a big letsrun fan, I guess the site founders are sort of the main draw for me. I'm really excited as it's going to be an awesome running weekend for Boston!!! Especially after this awesome running weekend across the Atlantic!

A20 Male Age: 2?
“Three, two, one, on,” yelled Mc****, signifying the start of our fartlek around Ski Beach in San Diego. As usual, 400 meters into it D*** was leading with 15 meters on me and J*** Something was different this time though. We were being one-stepped. By a chick! “She can't be serious,” I whispered. “Dude, that's Deena Drossin,” he said. “Who?” He gave me a disapproving grunt and picked up the pace. During the warm-down J*** told my good buddy Bill about my gross lack of running knowledge, to which he replied, “Don't you f***ing read Let's Run?” Being only a few months out of school, up until that moment I had only been interested in other runners if they were someone I would be racing the next weekend. Today Bill is the only one I know who spends more midnight hours on letsrun.com than I. You should invite me to your party because soon I'll be staying will Bill when I take a break from **** to visit my friends in **** and that would make him and the other guys super jealous. Hope to party with you soon. -****

A21 Male Age: 2? (No need to show his letter, he got a letter of reference from an Olympian)

A22 Male Age: 6? (oldest guy to apply)
Because I hit your site virtually every day and you owe it to me.

A23 Female  Age: ?
Age? None of your business! I would like to come because I have a huge crush on Wejo (keep your meathooks off him, TxRG). Between the broken foot, the pasty white skin and his clinging to Web 1.0, this is a guy I just HAVE to meet. Pretty please let me come and hang out with Wejo, Rojo!

Vote: Most Impressive VIP
Which of the People Accepted Above Most Impressed You
(Enter their Number ie A1)

1 Female Age:
I could go into my love of running and how thrilled I am to be able to watch two marathons in one weekend. Or how badly I had hoped to be running the trials myself had I not been sidelined by injury, but that's not fun and no one wants to hear about that. So instead I will keep it short...we all know that LetsRun is going to post the pictures of this party on the website and there would be nothing worse than having pictures posted that lack attractive women. Well that's where I come in, myself and my guest will dramatically enhance the quality of any pictures you take. I am 24 and my guest is 25 so we will add young, attractive and fit women to your party and thus your party pictures! Sounds like a perfect solution to me, how about you?

2 Male Age: 4?
Passion is defined as suffering for love. Since 1978, I have been a runner and have traveled the 1.25 times around the circumference of the earth while running (and that doesn't include the walking or biking that I have done). In high school, we ran barefoot at our coaches suggestion before anyone even knew about the Kenyans or Nike Frees. I don't even consider myself a particularly good runner, except that it is my passion (and that word gets overused these days). I ran 3 years in high school (cross country and track) and several years in college (cross country, indoors and outdoors--Division 3). I have coached it, administered it, volunteered for working in the sport because it is one of the few things I believe in. When I was teaching and coaching in Vermont, we sent boxes of old running shoes to Shoes for Africa to be distributed to children who had no shoes. I have seen many of the great Boston races, Bill Rodgers in the 1970's, Seko, Joan Benoit, the Dual in the Sun, Cosmos Ndeti, Moses Tanui, Catherine Ndereba, Roba, Cheriuyet, and the list goes on and on. I am currently working on getting published, training and looking forward to a few more trips around the globe (figuratively). Thanks.

3 Female Age: 2?
I have been a competitive runner completing numerous marathons for the last ten years. Only recently have I decided to make a true effort at pushing my body to it's highest and most respected level of competition by training for a sub 3:00 marathon. Thankfully, your Letsrun.com message board "trolls" have been quite helpful with giving me advice for training. However, I do not understand why I must post my pic before receiving advice from your viewers. By attending your party I hope to gain much insight from your world famous message board posters on how to become the greatest female runner of all time. Courtney

4 Female Age: 4?
This will be my third Boston. Each year I have been invited to start with the Elite Women. In 2006, I ran with the EWS injured and having horrible GI problems, in 2007 I chose to run in my coral, and I had to drop at mile 9 due to a foot injury (I was so disappointed). Now in 2008 I am one of the top Masters starting with the Elites, but I may have to withdraw due to yet another foot injury ( it seems I get hurt every March). I am hoping to run in my coral again (if I'm pain free). Either way, I'll be there running or supporting my husband in his first Boston. Because 3 times doesn't seem to be the charm, I would like to come to the party and just have fun!

5 Make Age: 2?
This will be my first Boston Marathon. I am from Milwaukee, WI and have never been to Boston. I cannot express in words how excited I am to run next Monday. I have been training since late December and have been able to stay healthy even through this terrible winter. I am a frequent visitor to letsrun.com and view the message board way too much. I am truly passionate about running and have an absolute love for pushing my body to the limit. Anyway, why do I want to come the party? I want to be in the company of people who are as passionate of the sport as I am. I want to share stories and listen to how people train or are training. Most of all, I want to have a good time and be able to cherish this weekend for the rest of my life. Thanks

6 Male Age: 3?
Wow, the opportunity of a lifetime! I'm not running Boston this year, I live an hour away, and I have no plans on Saturday, so the timing is perfect. I took 6 months off from running and have just started back up, with the hope that my Sportsman's Hernia is gone. This party would be a great way for me to personally kick of my new training initiative. I’ve been visiting LetsRun now for about 4 years, and I’ve learned a ton from the forums and articles, and the opportunity to thank and meet some of those responsible for my running development would be special. Also, I’m engrossed enough in the forum culture, I think it would be great commiserate in person with some fellow-posters on some of the board topics. I’ve seriously always really want some LetsRun memorabilia, so I’d wear my free shirt all the time. And if all that isn’t enough, I’d be willing to do some pro-bono work for this party as a Communications Editor. Forward me any material pertaining to the party and I’ll proofread and edit as necessary prior to its distribution. I really want in on this – please pick me! distance guy

7 Male Age: 2?
I want to drink beer and party. I was supposed to be running in the Boston Marathon on Monday. I qualified for the race during my first marathon ever with a 2:4* at the *** Marathon. Unfortunately, while training for Boston, I got injured with a stress fracture and now have a walking cast on. I am still going to come to Boston to cheer on some friends in the Women's trials, but I will not be able to run. So, lets drink my sorrows away and cheer on those who can compete.

8 Male: 2?
I want to come because I could write a lot more than 200 words on all of the following topics: - The legend of Jason Rexing - The benefits of running twice a day - Message board trolls - Renato Canova's training methods - The pros and cons of the Nike and Oregon complex for distance running as a sport - A vivid story about what it's like to s*** your pants at the end of a 10k Plus, I'll be there running the marathon, anyway. This is my first Boston, so a letsrun.com party would certainly make the experience even more memorable.

9 Male Age: 4?
I love running. I've been a runner since age 15 (23 years). I've run 25 marathons (10 @ Boston). I read Letsrun.com daily, and have since it's inception.

10 Male Age: 3?
I am very active in the Washington, DC running scene. I have been living in DC for 8 years but am originally from Boston. I ran the 2006 B-marathon in 2:3*. I would love to come to the party and meet folks and see what other running stories and passion is floating out there. Aside from running the marathon, I am also in Beantown to watch the women's trials as I have a few friends running that event, as well. I have included up to 4 people in my party but am not exactly sure that many will come along. I appreciate the opportunity to come and join the pre-race bash. Cheers, ** ***

11 Male Age: 2?
For starters, I would like to attend the party because anything with the title "VIP" immediately brings to mind beautiful women, free expensive drinks and limousines. While this may not be the exact case with the LetsRun Party - although I hope it is - it would still be great to hang out with people in the running community that I read about and admire. As for myself, in way respect I am the typical avid runner. I ran at **** University and have continued to compete, qualifying for Boston at the Detroit Marathon in the Fall. The factor that sets me apart from the rest of the crowd is my other major interest, the Middle East. Currently, I am working on my Masters in Middle Eastern Studies at the *** ****. Thus, I'm sure that I can keep the other attendees of the party entertained with my exploits of attempting to continue training seriously during my Arabic studies in Sana'a, Yemen and Cairo, Egypt. I also was laid up with an achilles injury last month, so my aspirations of running sub 2:30 on Monday have went out the window. Therefore, free beer and private parties seem like the perfect way for me to get the full Boston marathon experience.

12 *** **** Age: 4?
Who wouldn't want to meet the BroJos in person? :-) And not just the two of you: it would be fun to meet face to face with people whose posts I've been reading on LetsRun for years. ****

13 *****  **** Age: 3?
I would like to be invited because I will be running my first Boston Marathon. Notice that I said running and not racing. An injury has derailed my goals. Since I am not racing I can drink and enjoy the festivities. This would not be possible if I was racing.

14 *** **** Age: 3?
I'm a manager of a running specialty store in *** ****) and it would be good to meet members of the East Cost running community. Plus were read letsrun.com on a daily basis. - thanks,

*** ****  Age: 2?
I started the post (as A. Dent): "Letsrun.com...where your dreams BECAME your reality?" You clearly need to meet the person who started this. I also know A_Goofy_Runner and various other minor posters on the board. Oh, and I saw Rojo once while I was watching the 5th Ave mile. That about sums it up. I'm running my 5th Boston and it would be great to go to the party. - Matt

16 *** **** Age: 3?
Because I am a chic and I have chic friends and there are not enough chics on letsrun.com

17 Female Age: 2?
By a total fluke, I got invited to the Brooks after-party in New York. The experience gave me an inflated sense of "coolness" that has not been matched since. However, my delusions of grandeur are starting to fade. If I could attend your party and be one of your VIPs, I believe that I will be able to surpass my post-New York level of awesomeness and possibly set a coolness PR.

18 Male Age: 2?
First of all, I am a Sophomore distance runner at a small *****. I'm a Political Science & Communication double major and will be attending law school in another year. I'm a 15:10 5k runner & 25:50 for an 8k. I'm nothing too amazing, but I would consider myself a great guy, very social, and outgoing. Recently, I've suffered a very serious SI Joint injury and will miss 3-6 weeks so I have been kind of bumming and bored. However, a bunch of the guys on our team were talking and told me since I'm redshirting I should apply to get into this party. I think going to this party and Boston next weekend would be a great experience. I've never been to Boston, but have a free weekend and being able to bump shoulders with some great runners and people, watch the Trials, and the Boston marathon would be awesome. What kind of hard core college distance runner wouldn't want to throw down a few beers with some of the best in the country? I'm sure it would be a great time if I was able to make it to the party and I'd appreciate your acceptance of my application.

19 Male Age: 2?
My assistant coach of my college track and field and cross country team is running boston and trying to achieve a qualifying time for 2012, as he missed by several minutes for the trials that were held last fall. I will be in Boston saturday night after competing in a track meet on saturday afternoon to watch the trials saturday morning and then the marathon on monday morning. I need another reason to miss classes on monday.

20 Male  Age: 2?
In short, I would like to come because I need a "running pick me up." I will tell you my story and you will see what I mean. I attend  *** ***. In my early years at **, I treated running as a hobby, without forfeiting an ounce of my social life. It wasn't until midway into my sophomore year that I decided to give it my full dedication. As luck would have it, that's about the time my body decided to reject any sort of training necessary for distance running success. So I struggled with injury for 1.5 years until I finally had the breakout season I was looking for as a senior during cross country, clocking a 24:**  for 8k. I suffered a couple setbacks after the cross season but rebounded well to run a 4:03 mile indoors. At that time, in the height of my running career, I got 4 stress reactions in my foot. One of which was in my navicular bone which took several months to heal. Since then, its been a struggle. I had a decent cross country season this year, but nothing noteworthy. Just as I was gearing up for indoors, I suffered an acute bout of achilles tendonitis, setting me back another 2 months. I've been running for a couple weeks now and I'm looking to peak for **** *** and qualify for the Olympic Trials. With most people doubting my ability, I need as many motivators as possible.

21 Male Age: 2?
When you think about who should be at the LetsRun.com Boston 2008 Party... you simply MUST have someone there from the Greater Boston Track Club! GBTC is interwoven into the history of the Boston Marathon: starting back in the day with individual winners and such ridiculous teams they alone could've cleaned up against any country at the Oly Games. Now the club continues to compete for, and periodically take home, Boston team titles, splashing the red and white across the Hub every Patriot's Day. After college, I joined GBTC and took to the roads. What could've been better than joining the quintessential post-collegiate training group? .......So let our men’s team join in the fun at the PUMA store and we’ll bring a little history to the party--it's going to be a wicked awesome Marathon Monday (and Sunday)!

22 Male Age: 4?
free beer. swag. talking to some hotshot runners. compare beermile times. share backwards mile stories. share steeplechase episodes. add to the autograph collection. you want "passionate about the sport of running"? i started a recreation track program for my town. coached it. started and directed the town's first road race. do enough crosstraining to embarrass a triathlete. cheer at high school meets. took up racewalking (including the 50k) when i was injured for a season just to have a reason to enter track meets. take balloons and cowbell to my kid's college meets. last week i won my running club's "kitchen sink" award (when you've got all the other ones, they make up new ones). passionate. yea, thats me. 2008 #7627.

23 Female Age: 3?
Why would I not want to come to this party?! LetsRun.com is the place where the running world comes together on the internet to stay informed and connect with each other. For several of us in the group, this is our first Boston Marathon. The plan is to run it in 3:05 or better. Along with achieving our running goal, We want the experience to be as memorable as possible and attending the Lets Run Party would be the icing on the cake of the experience. For our more veteran Boston Runners they would love it too! SO what do you say ? Will you help us have the full experience of Boston by attending a great party for runner's as well?

24 Male Age: 3?
Well like most people entering this contest, I'm addicted to your site. My daily ritual consists of checking e-mails and hitting the LetsRun bookmark. I'm also a huge road racing and track & field fan. Some say a dork about it. Recently, at the Austin Marathon, I came face to face with Brian Sell after his half marathon victory. I always thought I wouldn't get star struck but I was wide-eyed and could only muster a muttled "good job". I think I scared him because it was a little chilly and I was wearing my field jacket which has seen better days (I'm an archaeologist). He may have confused me for one of the wide assortment of colorful people who call the streets of downtown Austin home and may have thought I was going to ask for change. My girlfriend said that I was probably one of a handful of people who could have recognized him much less turn into a bumbling fool. Anyway, if you want to invite a bumbling fool to your party...I'd love to be that fool. Also, this is my first Boston Marathon and I want to beat Lance!!

26  Age: 3?
Two reasons I should be at the Letsrun.com party: Who’s going to eat the Food! Not those skinny sub 3 hours marathons that always post on the Letsrun.com forums! Your are going to need people like me to help eat the food and drink the beer you paid for. I am a 6’4” 200 lbs., not “obese” but not considered “slight” in the running world. It was F’in Cold in Minnesota for Training! In Minnesota we have two seasons, Winter and Bad Sledding. With this said, this winter in Minnesota has been HORRIBLE for training. If you have ever been running and had your eyes freeze shut then you can relate. Or if you have ever done 800 repeats on a track with 6 inches of snow and thought, “I wonder how long it would take me to hand shovel 400 meters?” then you know what I am talking about. Letsrun.com is a big part of my life I visit it everyday to find out what’s going on in the running world from a nonbiased perspective. I have worked 10 years to get to the Boston Marathon, attending the Letsrun.com party would be icing on the cake for me.

27  Age: 3?
Top 5 reasons: 5. find the guy who thinks Ryan Hall is wearing an ipod in the Godtube video. 4. ask guy from number 5 why the hell he cares. 3. thank jk for his wonderful read about how he became a guide. 2. the curvy chick on the flash ad. 1. I can't stop coming to your damn site multiple times a day!!! Keep rocking, and hope I break 3 hrs monday.

28  Age: 3?
We are very fortunate in the city of Boston, MA to have many world class sporting events which fortunately include running. So many other cities have the opportunity to host the Final Four, or the Super Bowl, but how many can host World Series Games, as well as a world class marathon, US Indoor Track Championships, and now the Women's Olympic Trials? Lets not also forget the World XC Championships back in the early 90's. I live and breath (like so many others in New England) running - from the XC Races in Franklin Park, to the Indoor meets @ BU or the Reggie Lewis Center, to the Boston Marathon...it's non-stop running. We live and breathe it...and being an avid runner, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to intermingle with others that share the same passion as I do. While I may not be able to run the times of Adam Goucher, or Ryan Hall, I still strive to be the best runner I can be and push through the barriers set forth both physically and mentally. Opportunities like this do not happen often, and when they do arise, they further add fuel to the flame of determination and motivation to accomplish the running goals laid out before me. Thank you in advance and I do sincerely hope I have the opportunity to meet others that share the same passion as I do. -Bill

29 Male 3?
My girlfriend is staying in Colorado and i have no friends. If you don't invite me i will spend the night alone in my hotel room worrying about how im going to beat Lance on monday instead of having fun in the city. Please don't make me do that!! If that didn't convince you i will throw out the sure fire winner---I'll get you free shoes--notice the email address. Thanks for playing. Greg

30 Male Age: 2?
I want to come to the LetsRun Puma party because I would love to meet Wejo, Rojo, and company to talk about their running experiences and to also talk about Sport Psychology. I am a former Division I runner who is currently getting a Masters Degree in Sport Psych on my way to a PhD. It would be great to even talk about having a Sport Psych column on LetsRun, something which I've thrown by Wejo this past fall and which I am working on. This is my first Boston and going to a party like this will make this experience even more amazing. Keep up the great work guys, I'm a huge fan of this site!

31 Male Age: 4?
beer is like gatorade. definitely needed for our team to break 3 hours.

32 Male Age: 2?
As a lifetime runner, it has always been a dream of mine to run the Boston Marathon, but I knew that I had to finish my collegiate running career at U***** before I could truly transform my 5K and 10K training to Marathon training. I was not the only person who shared this dream on my team, myself and many others, now separated by state lines, were determined to qualify. Despite training for months my teammates and myself were no match for the heat and humidity of the Twin Cities Marathon last fall and failed to qualify. Others ran in Wisconsin and Missouri Marathons and prevailed. I was fortunate to have already qualified in the Chicago Marathon in 2006. On April 21st, my teammates and I plan on running as Falcons, teammates, and great friends, our goals comming together as one. We hope to inspire other runners to reunit with friends, teammates, and other runners and share this dream and work hard to get there together.

33 Male Age: 2?
Dear staff, It's hard to express why an average 23-year-old from Chicago should be a VIP at the letsrun.com get-together, but I'll try to anyways. Having become a more passionate marathoner over the past four years, it took me 12 marathons on three continents (including 2 ultras) to FINALLY garner the speed/endurance mix to qualify for this weekend's Boston run. It's my first time to the city and amazing to be there along with the Olympic Trials running. I splurged much of my measly savings last November to fly out to NYC for the men's trials, and with the help of letsrun.com was able to follow all the action. This time around I am hoping to take in the full aura of this running and the Women's race, and would enjoy nothing better than to spend a few hours honoring Boston's legacy with some of the most passionate runners in the country. Please consider a representative of the mid-west marathoning community and a loyal letsrun.com follower for the party next weekend! Happy running and thanks for taking the time to read :) Best, *******

34 Female Age: 2?
Hi! I'm traveling out to Boston with 5 of my good friends from Wisconsin. We are all running Boston for our first time! As former ***  Cross Country runners we know how to train hard, run hard and have an awesome time celebrating! We have been following the Olympic Marathon Trials and can't wait to have the opportunity to watch the women run. We had two friends that ran in the men's trials and although didn't qualify they had a great experience competing. I loved every minute of being able to watch all of those amazing athletes and having the opportunity to meet some of them afterwards. If you want to add some Midwest excitement and letsrun.com fans to your party we would love to be apart of it! All five of us like to have fun, we enjoy meeting new people especially runners, and can't wait to see what Boston has to offer!

35 Male Age: 2?
I am flying in from California to run probably my last Boston Marathon since I will be entering investment banking in the summer. I see no reason why I should not drink prior to Monday as it would be a great way for me to meet wejo who actually helped give me some training advice after my first marathon 2:34 in San Diego. Also, if i get a shirt i'll happily run with it on, and maybe it'll let me break 2:30 (shameless advertising). Regardless, i hope your party turns out well! - ***    ** bib #11**

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