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We love the attitude:

 "I did not travel from Maralal to come and finish last. I will win in my (age) category...
I am a born winner and I am here to do that"

- 75 yr old Orwengo Gituchi , the 1962 Commonwealth Games nronze medallist in the marathon, who has entered Sunday's Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon.

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Video Of Roger Bannister's 4 Minute Mile

Sun Yingjie Fails Doping Test But Claims Innocence The Chinese star was having an amazing national champs as she had already won the marathon and 10k within 30 hours and she was in the finals of the 5k. Athletes always claim they are innocent, but in her defense, at least she is doing so publicly and right after the test results  instead of waiting before coming up with a bs excuse like most athletes. More on the test can be found here. There is an interesting thread on the message board thread wondering if the Chinese set her up so they could appear to be tough on drug cheats before drugging their athletes for tjhe 2008 Olympics.

Kudos To The Washington Post!!!! From Earlier In The Week But We Didn't Hype It Enough
Undetectable Designer Drugs Are Found To Be Secret Ingredient of Over the Counter Supplements By The Washington Post The Washington Post did an amazing job by ordering a bunch of supplements over the internet and then paying Don Catlin to test them. Many of the supplements marketed as legal body building supplements included steroids that were similar to THG.  The supplements to avoid include Superdrol, supplied by Designer Supplements of New Hyde Park, N.Y., for Anabolic Xtreme of San Diego; Prostanozoland Ergomax LMG, both marketed by Applied Lifescience Research Industries (ALRI) of Las Vegas; Methyl 1-P, sold by Legal Gear of Brighton, Mich.; and, FiniGenX Magnum Liquid, sold by PharmaGenX of San Marcos, Calif In our minds, (hope everyone on the message board is happy) the makers of these drugs should be sued by the FDA and imprisoned !!.
Italians Standing Firm so Far in Not Relaxing Criminal Penalties for Drug Cheats During Olympics
In Italy it is a criminal offense to dope athletes. Amazingly the IOC wants the Italians to lift the laws for the Olympics as "The Olympic rules and the Wada code never contemplated having doped athletes locked up". We disagree - LOCK THEM UP!!!
European Record Holder in Marathon Benoit Zwierzchiewski Jailed after Drugs Found in His Home

Triathlete Rutger Beke Sues Wada for $221,000 after They Refused to Settle With Him Over Botched EPO Test sports.espn.go.com

4 More Designer Steroids Found in Supplements in Australia Fox Sports AU

More Balco: Was Balco Case Worth It? USA Today

Long Term Vision for Track and Field Brought 2008 Trials to Eugene www.registerguard.com

BAA to Host Distance Summit This Weekend www.usatf.org

Polls, Polls, Polls:
Grote Poll: Post Pre NCAAs Edition

The humorous pontificator ranks the top NCAA men's XC teams. In this edition, he takes on travel agencies (schools that import all their runners),  altitude tents, and he breaks his word and ranks Stanfurd #4.

*Mondo Men's Cross Country Poll  Arkansas still on top.
*Finishlynx Women's Cross Country Poll: Duke gets all the first place votes and Stanford moves up to #2.
*Pre NCAA Photos trackandfieldphoto.com
Weekend Results Here
Chile Pepper
This meet was sick upfront as Africans swept the top 11 places led by a 28:27 by Josphat Boit (who won last year in 29:22). Forget about pre-nats, this was the toughest meet upfront this weekend. #1 Arkansas won easily.
*Team Results  *Indiv Results
White Race:
Men:  Individual: Josh McDougal Dominates
The Liberty sophomore had the best time on the day in all the races
* Team Results: Colorado Wins over Notre Dame
Women :
Individual Results:
Christine Bolf
of Colorado Wins
Team Results: Michigan Edges Arizona, Colorado 4th

Blue Race:
Women:  Individual Results: Victoria Mitchell
of Butler Edges Caroline Bierbaum of Columbia
Team Results: Stanford Defeats Notre Dame Men: Men: Individual Results: Josh Rohatinsky Wins
Men's Team Results:
Stanford Wins Easily

*Combined Women's Results here
More Weekend Results here
*McDougal Hoping to Win

It's Not All About Pre NCAAs:
"This will probably be the best meet we've ever had"- John McDonnell on the stacked Chile Pepper field that includes #1 Arkansas, #6 Arizona, and #11 UTEP
Shawn Forrest Talks About Chilepepper Invite Runners World

LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon:
Felix Limo Wins Tight Men's Race, Deena Kastor Wins Death March
Deena Kastor
was on 2:18:30 pace for much of the race, then she absolutely fell apart at the end, hitting the wall. Fortunately for her, Constantina Dita had gone out hard with Deena as well and fell off the pace between 30 and 35k. Deena nearly blew a 38 second lead over the final 1.25 miles but held on to win barely. Sadly, no one in the US outside of Chicago was able to see the dramatic races on tv. On the men's side Felix Limo (who has won in Berlin and Rotterdam) kicked away from Ben Maiyo and Daniel Njenga over the final half mile to win a tight battle that featured 5 men until the final mile and a half.

World Half Marathon Champs
LetsRun.com Coverage:
Two Surprises of a Different Sort: Shami Celebrates Too Soon, Tomescu Surprise
Mubarek Shami
was just meters away from winning the world half-marathon title, yet he celebrated too soon and Fabiano Joseph passed him on the line to win the title after finishing 2nd the last 2 years. On the women's side Constantina Tomescu surprisingly dominated the field. The US men led by Ryan Shay and Jason Hartman had their highest finish ever.
LRC Exclusive!!!!! 3.5 MB Quicktime Video of Crazy Men's finish.

Photos: *Women's Photo Gallery of 2005 World Half Marathon Champs
*Men's Photo Gallery of 2005 World Half Marathon Champs
*Istvan Gyulai Upset Britain Didn't Send Men's Team to World Half
Yahoo UK
*British Women's Team Fifth at World Half Yahoo UK
*IAAF Rigthly Criticizes British Men For Sending No-One The country got the Olympics, how about supporting the sport in the non-Olympic years?

Drug News: IOC Athletes Commission Asks for French Lab Involved in Armstrong Affair to Be Suspended for Violating WADA Code WADA will lose credibility if it does not sanction violations of its code and admit it when there are problems with drug tests.
*Jerome Young Trying to Get His Lifetime Ban Overturned He was busted for the two drugs that have the most suspicious tests nandrolone and EPO.Guardian
Mafia Allegedly Trafficking in Performance Enhancing Drugs in Italy (Estimated 500,000 Users in Italy) Guardian

Incredible: 3 Year Old Boy Running Up to 30 Miles a Day "I can run and eat to my heart's content here"- says the 3 year old. And eating is very important to an incredibly poor child whose mother sold him for $20.

A Legend Passes: "I don't train never have. I don't think of running as training. I just go out and run each day, and let the racing take care of itself"- Jack Foster of New Zealand, who ran a 2:11:17 marathon at the age of 41 to win silver at the Commonwealth Games in 1974. He died in a bike accident yesterday at the age of 72.

A Look Back at a Truly Great Run: Todd Williams American Record at 15k Williams was on fire in 1995, and his 15k is one of the best American records. He finished 9th at World XCs that year when all the best in the world raced in one race. Nice read by Amby Burfoot

More isn't always better:
"I had over-trained. I put too much pressure on myself because I wanted that gold medal too much. If I had trained 15 per cent less, I would have won. I was training like a crazy person. There was a lack of self-confidence and a lack of maturity. An athlete does not only train with his body. He trains with his mind."

-Hicham El Guerrouj on why he didn't win Olympic gold in 2000

Cold Forces Paula Radcliffe To Pull Out Of National Club Relays
Radcliffe had been looking forward to running 10k for her local club which is managed by her mom. It was to be Paula's first appearance for her local club since 2001. But she got a cold which slowed her last week in her 10k and thus will not race but try to rest up before doing an Ekiden next month.
British Athletic Clubs Putting Up Resistance To Calls For Sweeping Change

Preview Of Sunday's Road 10km Championships In South Africa

Venice Marathon Preview Courtesy of IAAF Hassan Mubarak Shami of Qatar, the guy who let up at the line and lost the world half-marathon championships earlier in the month, is a leading contender on the men's side (LRC Exclusive!!!!! 3.5 MB Quicktime Video of Crazy Men's finish at world half)

Nairobi International Marathon Will Kick off 'Greatest Race on Earth' Series on Sunday The first race is in Kenya and the defending women's champ who sold a goat last year to get to the starting line is back.

Medallists For Kenya At World Champs To Be Honored By Govt. On Monday

Jon Brown Reveals His Training Secret: Training With Survivor Flagstaff Member Matt Smith
Runners World   If you don't know what the hell Survivor Flagstaff is then click here.

Athletes Not Too Excited About Permanent NCAA XC Site www.tribstar.com

Shadrack Hoff, Norman Dlomo Competing in S. African 10k Champs This Weekend superathletics.co.za

Boston Marathon champion Hailu Negussie Running ING NYC Marathon superathletics.co.za

A Look at 2005 Hurdling Sensation Ladji Doucoure IAAF

Paul Tergat's Foundation to Help Those With Sporting Talent  "The foundation was born out of conviction that our society is rich in the potential found in its people" -Paul Tergat

Two-time Rock 'N' Roll Marathon champion, Philip Tarus, Enters Nairobi Marathon

Half of London Olympic Tickets to Be for 20 Guardian

Drug News:

*Kenteris and Thanou to Get Another CAS Hearing As All the Witnesses Couldn't Be Heard Yahoo UK

ING Amsterdam Marathon:
Gebrselassie 2:06:20

It's a 2005 world's best for Geb but he was disappointed afterwards. He went out in a fast 1:02:01 halfway and the wind hurt him in the 2nd half.
*Gebrselassie Says Wind Cost Him 2 Minutes in Amsterdam Marathon
*Geb's splits 5k by 5k (too fast between 10 and 15k and a negative split would work better,
Tergat split 1:03:04 in his world record run)
*On the boards: How old is Geb?

Gabe Jennings 1:05:58 for Half Marathon in California

Eugene Gets 2008 Olympic Track and Field Trials

LetsRun.com NCAA Super Polls:
Razorbacks and Duke on Top

The Arkansas Razorbacks are #1 by a narrow margin on the men's side while Duke is a dominant #1 on the women's. Neither Duke or Arkansas will be at this weekend's Pre-NCAA meet.
*This Weekend's Schedule Showing Who Is Going Where

Nice Reuters Article on Martin Keino's Retirement The son of the legendary Kip Keino was best known for being the world's best pace-setter. If he were American, he'd be known for being a multi-time Olympian as he was smoking fast.

Great Read: Catching Up With Todd Williams and Ed Eyestone www.runningstats.com

Paul Tergat
*"As the holy scriptures say, 'for whoever much is given, much is expected,' it is, therefore, my duty and privilege to help in any small way in giving back to society."
-Marathon world record holder, Paul Tergat, speaking after founding a sports foundation that will help disadvantaged youths.
*Tergat's hamstring injury has healed and he says he's ready to go at NYC: "I expect good results as I am in good shape" but he's out of next week's Half Marathon in Britain, but interestingly Gezahegne Abera (remember him, formerly the greatest marathoner in the world) is running. www.registerguard.com

Jos Hermans Tells Why Ethiopians Beat Kenyans: According to Jos it has little to do with training: "Ethiopians have more respect for their women, which explains why their women athletes perform better than their Kenyan counterparts, who excel in junior championships only to pander to cultural and domestic demands later in life" and "A mentally prepared athlete can easily beat a physically prepared one,"

Underfunded Labs Now Admitting EPO Test May Not be as Clear Cut as They Once Said Guardian

Good Read: A Nice Look Back at Don Bowden, The First American Sub 4 Minute Miler and a Student Athlete The 20 year old Cal student took an exam the day of his race.

JK Speaks: Progressing To Peak Fitness LetsRun.com coaching guru John Kellogg talks about progression runs and the art of the sport versus the science of the sport.

British Sports Minister Richard Caborn Proposes Drug Companies Fund Anti Doping Research to 12m Million a Year While the US Congress dances around one of the main issues (money), Caborn has proposed something that might make a difference. If the pro sports leagues would kick in their fair share as well, serious anti-doping research could be done. In other good news, it was announced that the HGH test now can be used on non-whites.

Vitamin C Can Help Marathon Runners Not Get Colds The surprising news is may not do much for the general population.

Drug News:
WADA Admits to Some Problems With Nandrolone Test

LetsRun.com Book Reviews 2 Good Reads on Milers 50 years apart:
Sub 4:00 and The Perfect Mile

Read the review of story on Alan Webb's (and Nate Brannen's) first brush with adversity. Plus, read about 3 great milers trying to be the first under 4 minutes 50 years ago.

And the winner is:
Best Running Movie of All-Time: Fire on the Track
After sitting on the results for months, we're proud to announce that the best running movie of all-time as selected by our viewers is a not an academy award winner, Chariots of Fire, or a highly publicized film produced by Tom Cruise (Without Limits), but rather a running documentary, Fire on the Track: The Steve Prefontaine Story. Read all about the voting and see the 10 best running movies of all-time as selected by our viewers.

In case you missed it:
Todd Williams Hangs them up

In our lengthy 3 part interview, Todd Williams, the premier 10,000m runner in the US, talks about his illustrious career and the sport of running in general.
Part I here, Part II here, Part III here

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Chinese Nationals Are Going On:
*Day 5 recap Wang Xing breaks world junior record in 400h with 54.18 clocking.
*Day 4 Recap Liu Xiang won the 110h as expected and Sun Yingjie continued her crazy nationals as she won her semi of the 5k by 9 seconds after already winning the 10k in 31:10 just 30 hours after a sub 2:22 marathon.
*Liu Qing Wins Women's 800 in 1:59 after winning 1500 earlier
*1:48.21 Wins Men's 800 on Cool, Windy night
Day 3 Report Xing Huina disqualified in the 1500m
*Chinese National Games Day 2 List IAAF

Do Oxysox Really Work? Washington Post

Radcliffe May Double in 5k and 10k at Commonwealths

More Road Action:
Paula: Radcliffe Upset With 32 Minute Road 10k in London Daily Telegraph
Beijing: Sun Yingjie and Benson Cherono Win Beijing Marathon Cherono ran 800m short of the full marathon distance but fortunately the race organizers still gave him the win as the error was not his fault.
India: Philip Rugut and Russian Irina Timofeyeva Win $20,000 at New Delhi Half
Daily Telegraph
Stephen Kipgosgei Biwott Wins Maratona d'Italia in Carpi in 2:11:16 IAAF
S. Africa: Louisa Leballo Wins Spar 10k i
n S. Africa www.int.iol.co.za
Columbus Marathon:
Teren Jameson Wins Colum

Hearing for Thanou and Kenteris Underway